I became a qualified and certified life coach with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy.  For me, this course was a life changer.  

I enrolled as a women obsessed with self development (feeling that too?) knowing it was my time to turn that love into my work.  

I graduated as a different woman - confidently armed with the skills to coach, the knowledge needed to start a business, the certainty I was on the right path, and an ever deeper devotion to working with people to create brighter lives.


The Beautiful You team guides you through a  comprehensive, challenging and totally joyful course.  It's filled with opportunities to practice coaching, so that by the time you graduate you can be confidently coaching clients (for real!) and starting your business if that is what you want.

The course was (unexpectedly) packed with wild amounts of self development in itself and I finished up with a squad of soul sisters who have become some of my best friends and greatest cheerleaders.  

Now, alongside running my own successful coaching business, I am a trainer at Beautiful You, teaching new life coaches, just like you, as you journey through the course.  It's a great joy of my life and work that I am grateful beyond words to be doing.  

As a proud affiliate of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy I offer a package that you will receive for free if you sign up through my affiliate link.

This 90 day coaching series is valued at $1260 and includes:

:: A pre coaching questionnaire so we can get clarity on what you deeply desire before we even begin (this is a game changer in itself!)
:: 1 x 75 minute initial session
:: 5 x one hour Skype coaching sessions over the following three months
:: Email support and contact between sessions
:: Tailored meditations, resources and practices to implement between sessions to keep progressing in the most powerful yet easeful way

To receive these bonuses you must click through to this link and sign up to the course within the same visit.  This link must be the last click you make before signing up to the course.

As part of the certification process you must work with an already certified coach for three months.  Our series together will complete that part of the process. 

To sign up, simply click on the below image or this link and sign up in the same session, without leaving the page.

If you have any questions at all, please email me at sammie@sammiefleming.com - I am always here to answer any questions you may have.

If it's calling you, it may just be your time to step in.