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- a deep and delicious exploration of heart-led leadership, easeful business and soul -

Welcome to Expansion.

Expansion is for the wise ones, the deep divers, the courageous.  It’s for the big dreamers, the sensitive souls, the giant hearted.  It’s for the whip-smart, the way-showers, the supporters, the devoted.  It’s for the legacy-leavers, the leaders, the lovers.

It is a space where your wholeness is known, your power is celebrated.  A place where we lean into legacy while dancing with levity (cos it gets to be A GOOD TIME!).  It’s the group experience I was searching for.  It’s the table of humans I want to sneak into, pull up a chair and listen to with eagerness.  Cos this table is BRILLIANT.

Let’s expand into your sacred leadership.

Are you willing to see yourself for the powerful leader you already are?

Within Expansion we not only encourage but elevate the magnitude of your vision.  You are supported to soar in ways you are SO READY TO (kinda nervous about that?  Good!).

This isn’t for those dipping their toe in.  I know this isn’t your first rodeo.  It isn’t for anyone that is drawn to this space, truthfully.  You are ready for deeper.  For substance.  We know our work is serious and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  That sweet spot.

Through high-level, powerful coaching, beautiful rolling conversations and ceremonial experiences, we acknowledge the sacredness of our work, the honour of what we *get* to do in the world, the wild potential that business, soul and sacred leadership holds.

We work in harmony and co-creation with the souls of our businesses, the energy we are privileged to work with.  What we do and how we show up isn’t solely for us and us alone – that doesn’t feel rich enough – we recognise the collective good and the fact that so many people benefit when we thrive.  Community is important and we respect our ripple effect.

Within an intimate and connected environment, we’ll explore:

+ meeting your edge and stretching deliciously and safely into your next level
+ life long legacy and being so-in-love with your work

+ the sacredness of the work you’re here to do
+ reclamation and ritual
+ boss-level boundaries as an act of self and community respect
+ curiosity and your epic evolution
+ the art of showing up for your divine responsibility
+ embodiment and living your life as art
+ experiencing pleasurable business (cos that’s how we do it!)
+ an amplification of who you’re ready to become
+ a solid connection to your north star – your deepest purpose
+ operating with unshakeable levels of integrity
+ truly receiving and calling in the very best in this next season
+ the activation of awe and the magnificent vision this gifts us
+ creativity with glorious abandon – feeling tapped in and turned on!
+ cultivating courage to be who you know you’re meant to be
+ experiencing others around you who can deeply hold your dreams AND bolster them 

 ….. this is simply a taster, it gets even better inside!

Expansion is luxurious.  My intention is for each touch point of our time together in this lush container to feel like a spark of growth, of amplification, magnification and clarification.  For each (truly, each!) experience to expand us.

As with everything I do, I don’t believe that my job is to teach you *everything you should be doing*.  That’s not for me.  Also, it’s not what I believe you, or anyone that is called to Expansion needs.  My role is to draw even more of your unique greatness out of you and allow you to find that true holistic abundance in a way that feels entirely you.  It will be an environment rich with those already playing, thinking and believing at a high level.

You are in such good company and you are so loved, welcome and wanted, exactly as you are right now.


EXPANSION is a six month experience and includes:

+  Twice monthly group calls

– a combination of guided discussions and hot-seat style personalised coaching.  Your level of individual support is so important to me.
+  3 x half day virtual retreats
– infused with ceremonial elements.  Let’s workshop your leadership, your business and what your soul is asking for.
+  Weekly 1:1 Voxer support
– where you and I dive into deep conversation with whatever is present for you.
+ A bespoke masterclass created especially for you
– to keep your desired teaching in your back pocket (and access to many more!)
+  A group space
– to have your questions answered, receive ongoing coaching, share your celebrations and support each other.
+  Incredible guest teachers with thought leaders
– Grammy Award winning artists, highly successful business owners leading with deep embodiment, trauma aware leaders and more.
+  An abundant flow of bonuses
– tangible treats and extras the-whole-damn-way.


** please note that there is one space remaining for Expansion 2023 **

The investment for Expansion:
(all rates in AUD)

$6400 in full
$1100 per month x 6 months
$580 per month x 12 months



Guest Mentors

Mei Lei Swan 
Social Change-Maker, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Director of Yoga For HumanKind Yoga School and Social Enterprise
Topic: Embodied social justice and nature as our teacher


Kimbra Johnson
Grammy Award winning Musician, Songwriter and Artist
Topic: The creative process, ensuring our environments are ripe for creating and working WITH our self-doubt


Katie Kurtz
Certified Coach, Speaker & Space Holder
Topic: Trauma-informed space holding


Julie Parker
Founder of Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy, Author, Speaker and Priestess
Topic: Embodied Leadership


Elaine So
Transformation Mentor
Topic: The eternal seeking nature that lives within us, subconscious programming and limiting beliefs




Expansion is currently open for enrolment for 2023.





Sammie is a highly intuitive, deeply encouraging and beautifully skilled coach and coach trainer. Any person who is blessed to coach with Sammie will leave that exchange a changed person. Her impact is soul deep and lasting, to the point where years later you will be able to think back to your time with her and smile - knowing that the lessons you gleaned from your time together are still impacting your life in untold ways. Keep reading

Julie Parker
CEO and Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy

The single most important decision I made that has helped my personal life and soul business skyrocket like a supernova has been working with Sammie. I get emotional thinking about the myriad of ways her coaching has transformed the outward business approaches and the inner way I feel about the secret corners of my soul. Get ready because her energy is mama bear meets glowing angel, and every single interaction brings her clients one step closer to being fully expressed humans capable of anything you can imagine. Keep reading

Emily Bauman
Owner and Creative Catalyst at Amanacer Art

Prior to my time spent with Sammie I was finding it hard to implement routines and maintain practices that helped me to feel my most nourished emotionally, spiritually and creatively. Sammie worked with me to help create environments that bring about a positive space for growth and reflection. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking to grow their own potential in a sustainable, devoted and nourishing way. Keep reading

Kimbra Johnson
Grammy Award winning Musician, Songwriter and Artist

Sammie worked with us for two and a half years as the in-house life coach at Tarascon Health. She has been a huge positive influence not only on our clients, but on our therapy team as a whole. She has been the favourite therapist for so many of our clients. I can’t think of a better life coach, or person, to help people in any circumstance move forward in their lives with positive change. Keep reading

David Rossini
General Manager at Tarascon Health