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Welcome in, it’s so good to have you here.

You being here with me tells me you’re a big hearted, deep feeling woman.  A lover of the earth.  Ambitious.  Powerful, in magic ways.  Here to make the world brighter.  Here to do the work of your HEART. 

I have a feeling that you want to rise rapidly, you’re ready to up-level but you know that you want to do it in a way that feels more easeful than ever.

You want to create more, get more done and simultaneously you’re craving the sweetness of slowing down and spaciousness.

You want to up-level, all the while feeling better than ever.
My flavour too, sister.

People around you often comment that you have one of the biggest hearts they’ve known.  You love, hard.

Some also say you’re too much sometimes.  Too sensitive, too ambitious, too deep.  Woman, you’re in the right place.

You’re open to new ideas and hyped up by LIFE.   That childlike wonder most people leave behind when they “grow up”?  Not you. You see the beauty in it ALL.

That path less walked that most veer away from?  You’re keen. You’re in. You know that magic is possible in the unknown.

You’re sensitive.  How freakin’ SWEET to live in that way.  To feel so fully and experience this life completely.  You feel the heartache and the great joys of the world.  Glancing at a stranger can elicit a full body response of compassion.  Or despair. Or love. Or everything, all at once.

You know that feeling this deeply is one of our greatest superpowers, right?

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sammie against a wall

Women like you are hyped on the idea of up-levelling. Of going to the next level in your career, your relationships, your confidence, your connection to YOU.   You’re all in, you’re a deep diver, you’re committed, you’re devoted to everything that you do.

And amongst that, there’s a craving for flow and ease.

For that feeling of laying your head on your pillow each night feeling like you can breathe just as freely as you do when you’ve had one of those slow days at the beach.
For this sense of aliveness to have you lit ALL the way up.
For you to look back and wonder “how-on-actual-earth” you got that all done, so effortlessly?

You’re in the perfect place.

I work with big-hearted, driven, sensitive, smart and brilliant women. I’ve coached creatives, healers, new and established coaches, psychologists, international artists, Silicon Valley CEO’s, leaders in the not for profit space, mama’s, Grammy Award winning singers and songwriters, playwrights, corporate queens, yoga teachers, those unsure how they want to spend their time and many other incredible women.

They have created lives of freedom, spaciousness and flow, experienced outta-this-world achievements, felt more in their feminine power than ever, all with the sweetness of calm and ease – perhaps it’s your turn now.

Is it safe to say you’re tired of that endless narrative which is so loud out in the world which tells you that in order to rise, you need to struggle?  I’m so done with that.  And I’m gonna say, you are too.  

Why else would you be here?

Let’s do it a different way. The new way.

Rising, with ease.

Lemme guess…

You want to walk into a room feeling more confident and calm than ever before.  You want to create space in your life to connect to those moments of magic that you’ve had glimpses of. Those glimpses you get in a meditation, or those tingles you feel when you imagine yourself breathing life into what you want so-damn-bad?  That shows me that what you want it meant for you. 

You want to learn how to use your sensitive heart as a powerful tool in your life.

You want to deepen into your sensual self, make room for play and lightness and feel wildly connected to your soul.  

LUSH.  Let’s do that, hey?

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sammie sitting on stairs

You’re connected to your intuition but you’re ready to go deeper, and deeper, and deeper.  To access the most incredibly clear guidance of your life. So that when you have a decision to make in your life, it’ll be the easiest thing on earth to choose. Zero doubt, full body validation.  I want you to experience the most delicious, incredible connection to your own wisdom.  Let’s create a channel of clear conversation with your inner intelligence system that you can call on moments of indecision, or confusion.  

That clarity about your next steps? That inspiration for your project, your business, your art that feels oh-so-elusive?  Easy done when you cultivate this relationship with the wisest parts of you. Effortless, in fact.

You know how powerful it’d be to feel connected to your innate cyclic ways, working with our inner cycles, the rhythms we experience as women.  Accessing and working with the magic of the phases of our cycle, each day of the month.  No more burning out or exhaustion. Instead we turn up the awareness of how we shift and change throughout each cycle, optimising each day, each week and each month.

Women like you are willing to get uncomfortable for the sake of growth.  You’re willing to get raw and honest. Willing to tell the truth in the safest space and play with conversation in a way that you never have before.

Reclaiming and remembering your feminine power.

Together we can alternate between the deepest depths and the lightest lightness.  This whole upgrade thing, it needs to be fun. Cos we celebrate ALL of what it is to be human.

Everybody tells you you’re incredible, powerful and influential, right?  But you don’t fully believe them yet.  You know there is SO MUCH more for you.

Even though you’ve had tastes of slowness and feminine power, of relishing in receiving the goodness that is available to you in this lifetime, there’s still a little fear which whispers ….  

“Will I slow down too much?  Will I become … god-fucking-forbid stagnant?!”

That’s ok, there are a whole lotta loud voices out there which tell us that if we want to grow, thrive, succeed, get into a state of flow and be in our full feminine power, it’s got to be hard.

That’s not the way we do it around here.  I call it – rising, with ease.

Let’s shift from overthinking to deep, embodied trust. Uhhh, yes please.

You have a whole lot of tools and practices that you can call on, of course you do.  Many that you still don’t implement, even though you “know how good it would be for you”.  I suppose we could say it’s more of an intellectual understanding than an embodied knowing, right now.  Those daily practices you have on your to-do list? There’s a reason you’re not doing them. Let’s create a fresh framework of support, practices and tools that are a HELL YES.  So that the work to up-level feels like a damn JOY. So that it’s so much easier to do, than not to do.

You’re committed to learning – forever.  Cos you’re also committed to things getting better and better and better.

Have you been noticing that your nervous system seems a little charged up?  But, you get a lot done in that state, don’t you? (Not super sustainable, right?)  What if we could create the most epic personalised formula to support you to rise and rise and rise, with more ease than you’ve ever had before.

Let’s swap out that underlying stress and overwhelm for the sweet, sweet sensation of calm.  (So sustainable, right?)

I know that you’re ready to develop deep inner confidence to bring your dreams to life and be the woman you know you truly are. 

It’s likely you feel that you’re on the brink of an up-level and you know the support of a coach will allow you to get there, much faster, with long-lasting shifts that will upgrade the way you live and see the world, always.

It’s time for you to be completely in your power, knowing this is essential to making the heart-led impact you know you’re here to make.

Let’s get on that.

My coaching is for those who are ready to go all in.
This isn’t a step by step program.  This is a bespoke experience, designed completely for you.


My Signature Coaching Package

This deep and delicious six month experience is tailor made for you.  I will coach on whatever is present and real for you, allowing you to rise, exponentially.

An epic up-levelling into your feminine power and leadership, with ease.


  • + A pre coaching written deep dive so we can get that sweet, sweet clarity on what you want before we even begin (this is an insight activator in itself!)
  • + Twice monthly deep and spacious coaching sessions, all held over Zoom, supporting you to breathe life into your intentions, vision, desires and action.
  • + High-level and immersive support, conversation and contact between sessions.
  • + Tailored meditations, ceremonies, resources and practices to implement between sessions to keep progressing in the most powerful yet easeful way.


My 1:1 Coaching is currently open for application with very limited spaces available.  Please apply below and I will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Official Qualifications

+ Qualified and Certified Life Coach – Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy

+ Reiki Level 2 Certified

+ Bachelor of Communications – Majoring in Creative Industries

+ Trained Sacred Circle Facilitator


Sammie is a highly intuitive, deeply encouraging and beautifully skilled coach and coach trainer. Any person who is blessed to coach with Sammie will leave that exchange a changed person. Her impact is soul deep and lasting, to the point where years later you will be able to think back to your time with her and smile - knowing that the lessons you gleaned from your time together are still impacting your life in untold ways. Keep reading

Julie Parker
CEO and Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Sammie worked with us for two and a half years as the in-house life coach at Tarascon Health. She has been a huge positive influence not only on our clients, but on our therapy team as a whole. She has been the favourite therapist for so many of our clients. I can’t think of a better life coach, or person, to help people in any circumstance move forward in their lives with positive change. Keep reading

David Rossini
General Manager at Tarascon Health

The single most important decision I made that has helped my personal life and soul business skyrocket like a supernova has been working with Sammie. I get emotional thinking about the myriad of ways her coaching has transformed the outward business approaches and the inner way I feel about the secret corners of my soul. Get ready because her energy is mama bear meets glowing angel, and every single interaction brings her clients one step closer to being fully expressed humans capable of anything you can imagine. Keep reading

Emily Bauman
Owner and Creative Catalyst at Amanacer Art

Throughout my time with Sammie I learnt new techniques for shifting negative thought patterns and had a person to rely on at all times. It was so refreshing to know that there was now a person who totally had my back every single day and only wanted to see me become the best version of myself. My shift in mindset and self talk has allowed me to RETURN to the fun loving, free, carefree soul that I always was. Keep reading

Bec Hayes
Yacht Stewardess