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Holding Space:
A lush, immersive facilitator training to become the powerful sacred circle, workshop and space holder you're here to be

Welcome to the training I always wish existed.

You’ve been dreaming of holding beautiful, heart-opening circles and workshops, right?  Sacred circles, deeply transformative workshops, ritual filled, energetically rich experiences?


Holding space for others to drop into their hearts, to open up, to come home to themselves, to be seen and to be celebrated is so needed right now.  Your community needs you.  The world needs you.

I have held hundreds of sacred circles, workshops and ceremonies – both in person and online – and I’ve had the joy of witnessing the wild, transformative power of bringing people together in these brilliant and beautiful ways to connect, experience ritual, honour our innate power and celebrate each other.

And now, it’s your turn.

Welcome to Holding Space.

A fresh and heart-led three day immersion alongside an intimate group of sisters where you will learn to become a holder of sacred space, sacred circles and heart-opening workshops.

It’s embodied. It’s ritual filled. It’s sacred and deep and delicious.  AND, there’ll be treats. And some sexy R&B.  And laughs. 

Within a lush and beautiful virtual environment you will:
+ experience the magic and potency of sacred circle
+ learn the foundations of creating and holding healing and sacred space
+ learn how to design and structure circles and gatherings
+ deepen into your confidence and power as a space holder and facilitator
+ become comfortable holding rituals
+ activate your courage, your wildness, your self-trust, your unique voice and magic and your feminine power
+ learn to facilitate with ease and flow
+ deepen into your feminine power as a facilitator of connection, healing and growth
+ be personally coached through anything holding you back from holding space at your highest potential
+ recognise how powerful you ALREADY are, and call that to the surface
+ learn to establish yourself as a leader of gatherings
+ be supported and coached to create your very own divine offering which you will then be ready to hold within your community
+ create a new soulful income stream holding sacred space

Prior to the beginning of the training, you will receive a beautiful, energetically charged up and divine ritual box at your doorstep with everything you need to create the full sensory experience within your own space.

And BONUS! We are also going to be gifted with two top-of-their-game guest teachers that I can’t wait to introduce you to. One will be teaching safe voice activation, the other the art of tapping into your spiritual and intuitive expression. Both of these guest teachers are straight JOY!

I can promise you there’ll be no ice breaker activities, no awkward “get to know you” games (cue: sweet relief, we all cringe when those come up, right?!).

Instead, there’ll be a strong, devoted sense of sisterhood. You’ll experience the magic and potency of circle. A tapping into your intuitive heights. A deepening into your confidence and feminine power as a facilitator of healing, transformation and growth. You’ll learn to hold space with ease and flow. A cracking open of your heart.  A meeting of yourself at your depths so you can hold that kind of space for others.

Amongst a long weekend of ritual, deep teachings, ceremony, workshopping and experiential learning (cos there’s no more delicious way to learn than going all in, right?) you’ll be guided to become the powerful sacred space holder you are ready to be, exactly as you are right now.

These three days will reflect the powerful woman you ALREADY are, and bring her to the surface.

I have held this training for women who are at the very beginning of wanting to hold space, as well as others who are many, many years into their work. It’s all welcome, you are met exactly where you are.


Full payment of $1697

4 x monthly payments of $445


Together, we honour our innate feminine power, our intuition and the magic of sisterhood, all the while deepening into becoming the space holder you are here to be.

This is for you if you:
+ are hyped to learn how to hold sacred space, sacred circle and heart-led, heart-opening workshops
+ are ready to release anything that has held you back from claiming yourself as a powerful space holder
+ are willing to explore your own depths so you can hold space for others to go to theirs
+ would love practical guidance, tips, structures and insights around cultivating deep and healing experiences for others
+ are interested in learning how to hold safe and wildly transformative space
+ are open to being coached and personally supported
+ know you want to infuse your spirit and personality into your offerings and are looking for something that highlights your uniqueness
+ are ready to create your own divine offering to hold within your community
+ know the power of learning alongside a group of women in an incredibly supportive environment who will be connected with the same mission.


Think: lush, luxurious, full days of experiential learning and deepening into your power as a sacred space holder, connecting with an intimate group of women who are on the same mission and will become an incredible support network as you step into this work, gain a new qualification in a way that feels magic and easeful and the feeling of being so lit up and ready to hold space in your own way.

Prior to the training, you’ll receive a luxe, beautiful ritual box delivered to your doorstep with everything you need to bring the magic to life in your own space, so we can collectively tap into the full sensory experience – together.

You are so, so welcome, exactly as you are right now.





Full payment of $1697 

4 x monthly payments of $445


Words from women who have trained in Holding Space:

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