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I’m all about reconnecting women to their feminine power, leadership and intuition while remembering how amazing it feels to rise with ease and flow.

Hey, I’m Sammie.

Welcome to my online home.

You know, sometimes what I do gets mistaken for being kind of light, or airy. For being work that touches on the surface of things.

That’s really not it at all.

I grew up as a really sensitive human. Maybe you can relate.  Today I own it as part of my power. I love really hard. I feel things intensely. Sometimes, for people, that can feel too much. It used to have me putting others before myself. At times it has meant that I tell the truth even when it has been so uncomfortable – even life changing.

For a long time, I invested my energy in desperately seeking out an answer for what I want to do in my life.   How I could be even more me, every day in all ways.

The funny thing is, I was doing it all along.

I studied a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Creative Industries at University and moved to Melbourne a week after I finished with just one hundred dollars in my wallet and a one-way ticket. I’ve worked all sorts of casual jobs. I had a job created for me once to make people feel “comfortable and happy”.  I’ve also worked in bars and shops, in travel, as a nanny for kids with autism, in marketing and as a waitress.   But after 18 months of a fulltime role, miraculously or madly – depends on how you look at it – I quit to begin to do things my way.

I just had to trust in myself.

I’ve spent thousands of hours in yoga studios and soaking up wisdom in workshops. I’ve delved into ceremonies and rituals and spent a month studying in an ashram at the foot of the Himalayas. I learnt the art of reiki amongst the Australian forest, and travelled for the joy and the challenge of new experiences through much of the rest of the world. I’ve gone to places that people told me I was crazy to visit. I’ve even toured the USA with a band on a bus (trust me, it’s not nearly as glamorous as it sounds).

When I look back, everything makes sense, but in the moment I wasn’t sure it did.

I used to have a fear of being seen for who I really am because of my sensitivity, because of my depth and my full expression.

Through some big and challenging experiences, I learned that there was something to my power as a sensitive human being. I learned, in the most embodied way, that it was a blessing and not a curse. I learned to listen to myself, to tune in, to express myself clearly and to tap into my feminine power.

Since deciding to do things in my own way and stepping into becoming a life coach, I have achieved some rad things. Like becoming a trainer at one of the best life coaching academies around the world and spending a few years working as the in-house life coach at an acclaimed holistic wellness retreat.

I have coached creatives, healers, new and established coaches, psychologists, international artists, CEO’s of Silicon Valley companies, mama’s, Grammy Award winning singers and songwriters, leaders in the not for profit space, playwrights, corporate queens, yoga teachers, those unsure how they want to spend their time and a whole lot of other incredible women.

Nothing beats the deep knowing that I am living out what I am here to do, every single day.

Everything that I’ve done has led to me to this point.

Can you relate to this?

You’re a really good listener.   Amazing, in fact. You make people feel seen and heard like they’ve never been listened to, heard or seen before. But sometimes it means that you don’t speak up as much as you could. You keep yourself quiet or don’t say what you really mean. Sometimes it means you don’t assert your boundaries because you have so much empathy for people around you.

Perhaps you can relate to loving really hard too, and feeling so much that it overwhelms you. Sometimes the consequence of that is that you put others before yourself.

You have a really fierce intuition, which can sometimes be looked over as not being a serious form of data (spoiler – it is the most serious form of data there is).

I help people connect deeply to their feminine power, to the magic of their cycles, to their intuition. I help them align their energetic, emotional, physical, and spiritual sides of themselves so they can create anything they could possibly want.

So while I call myself a life coach, I’m an alchemist for women.

I spend my days coaching women one on one and in my group programs. I run sold out events throughout New Zealand and Australia. I’m one of the trainers for a game-changing life coaching academy.

Somewhere along the way I became skilled in the art of receiving and I teach people how to do the same so they can call in the life that they most want to live, have and embody.

I believe that the crystal clear clarity and deep confidence that you crave comes from owning your gifts and that sensitive part of you. It comes from tapping into your inner wisdom and natural rhythms and understanding yourself like never before.

I believe that living in reverence to your intuition is powerful as hell.

I believe you’re ready to have the impact that you dream about without the hectic hustle.

I believe that you’re ready to step into your feminine power.

Why else would you be here?

And I believe that we can thrive when we shift away from overwhelm and towards spaciousness, ease and calm.

I would love to support you on creating magic in your life in a way that feels easier than anything you’ve ever done before. This is what I teach. This is what I do.  This is the thread that runs through every conversation that I have.

If you would like to have a conversation with me, get in touch.


Prior to my time spent with Sammie I was finding it hard to implement routines and maintain practices that helped me to feel my most nourished emotionally, spiritually and creatively. Sammie worked with me to help create environments that bring about a positive space for growth and reflection. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking to grow their own potential in a sustainable, devoted and nourishing way. Keep reading

Kimbra Johnson
Grammy Award winning Musician, Songwriter and Artist

Sammie is a highly intuitive, deeply encouraging and beautifully skilled coach and coach trainer. Any person who is blessed to coach with Sammie will leave that exchange a changed person. Her impact is soul deep and lasting, to the point where years later you will be able to think back to your time with her and smile - knowing that the lessons you gleaned from your time together are still impacting your life in untold ways. Keep reading

Julie Parker
CEO and Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy

The single most important decision I made that has helped my personal life and soul business skyrocket like a supernova has been working with Sammie. I get emotional thinking about the myriad of ways her coaching has transformed the outward business approaches and the inner way I feel about the secret corners of my soul. Get ready because her energy is mama bear meets glowing angel, and every single interaction brings her clients one step closer to being fully expressed humans capable of anything you can imagine. Keep reading

Emily Bauman
Owner and Creative Catalyst at Amanacer Art

Sammie worked with us for two and a half years as the in-house life coach at Tarascon Health. She has been a huge positive influence not only on our clients, but on our therapy team as a whole. She has been the favourite therapist for so many of our clients. I can’t think of a better life coach, or person, to help people in any circumstance move forward in their lives with positive change. Keep reading

David Rossini
General Manager at Tarascon Health