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As an artist I am always looking to grow in areas of trust, acceptance and surrender, as I feel my best work comes from these places and it’s where I can give most love to others. There are many pressures in the music industry so it’s invaluable to learn skills for grounding through these times.

Prior to my time spent with Sammie I was finding it hard to implement routines and maintain practices that helped me to feel my most nourished emotionally, spiritually and creatively. Sammie worked with me to help create environments that bring about a positive space for growth, reflection and creativity. Through our work I was able to grow into a deeper sense of groundedness and surrender.

I now have a deeper sense of trust in myself. I have more lightness to my approach with life. I feel a stronger connection to my source of joy, playfulness, silliness and curiosity. I have a deep connection to the spirit of the feminine and feel more connected to myself as a woman and all the strong women around me. I know now that I am worthy, that I am capable. That I can offer my best to the world when I fill up with the best for myself. I am allowed to choose joy and live out of that space.

Sammie has such a sense of calm and is naturally an amazing listener which helps you into important discoveries about yourself just through loving conversation. She brings an energy that is relatable and genuine while also working in a powerful and practical way to help you rediscover the tools you can call on to be your best self. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking to grow their own potential in a sustainable, devoted and nourishing way.


Kimbra Johnson
Grammy Award winning Musician, Songwriter and Artist

Sammie is a highly intuitive, deeply encouraging and beautifully skilled coach and coach trainer. Her gentle but powerful way of listening and tapping into the soul of her clients is evident in every interaction she has with them. Sammie trusts and backs herself. She believes in her ability to hold space for her clients while they bring about the change they most want in their life. This takes confidence and a deep commitment to developing ones coaching skills, which Sammie has always shown such reverence for.

Any person who is blessed to coach with Sammie will leave that exchange a changed person. Her impact is soul deep and lasting, to the point where years later you will be able to think back to your time with her and smile – knowing that the lessons you gleaned from your time together are still impacting your life in untold ways.

Julie Parker
CEO and Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Sammie Fleming worked with us for two and a half years as the leading in-house life coach at Tarascon Health, a holistic wellness retreat leading the way in Behavioural Change programs.

During her time with us she worked with clients with a diverse range of issues and desires. She held one on one sessions and also facilitated group sessions. Sammie has been a huge positive influence not only on our clients, but on our therapy team as a whole. She has been the favourite therapist for so many of our clients. I can’t think of a better life coach, or person, to help people in any circumstance move forward in their lives with positive change and it is a great loss not having her here with us. Sammie structured great ongoing plans for our clients to ensure a sustained up-level in their lives and helped those who felt lost to see a way through and create positive, ongoing change in their lives, not only while they were live-in clients but also long after they left the program.

Sammie is a very special, kind hearted and gifted person and I would recommend her to anybody seeking change, ready to step into their full potential and power.

David Rossini
General Manager at Tarascon Health

The single most important decision I made that has helped my personal life and soul business skyrocket like a supernova has been working with Sammie. I get emotional thinking about the myriad of ways her coaching has transformed the outward business approaches and the inner way I feel about the secret corners of my soul.

I’m a painter who also loves Excel, and Sammie’s guidance recalibrated the way I approach my art exhibits, my conversations with myself, my energy levels, my relationship to my beautiful body, it’s cycles and so much more.

Working with Sammie produces an alchemy where soul sister magic meets practical rituals you’ll adore. Get ready because her energy is mama bear meets glowing angel, and every single interaction brings her clients one step closer to being fully expressed humans capable of anything you can imagine.

Emily Bauman
Owner and Creative Catalyst at Amanacer Art

When I first signed up to work with Sammie, it was mostly to grow my self-trust and belief, while growing my business in a more feminine and graceful way.  But the more we explored, the more I now realise it was more than that.

It was really to find my power back after becoming a mom of three and losing my dad this past year in a pandemic. I needed someone to help remind me of my essence, my light and my utmost desire again to get back into the driver’s seat of my life and create what I always knew was my work in this world.

Rochelle Ford-Wilson
Queenhood Coach
Sammie is – hand on my heart – one of the most powerful coaches I have ever met.  There is no-one like her.
If ever I had to send all my clients to someone – it’d be Sammie.

Hayley Carr
International Woman of Mystery

Working with Sammie was a radical experience! I had some of the most powerful realisations and shifts I’ve ever had – busting through so many limitations I’d collected throughout my life – covering business, romance, friendship & the list goes on!

Coaching with Sammie helped me to expand in a gentle, kind, loving & powerful way – which always sets me up for massive expansion. I let go of many things I thought I wanted & needed and moved into a deep self-trust that has allowed me to show up as the leader I truly am. Without all the hustle and grind. And the best of all – I felt seen, heard, cherished & celebrated at every single moment. I love you Sammie! Thank you for holding space for me.

Leticia Ringe
Business Coach + Podcaster

Prior to working with Sammie I felt a little lost and was just going through the motions of each day with no real goals or course to follow. I was impacted by my anxiety and fears.  I felt an instant connection with Sammie.  With her huge smile and her soothing, comforting words, I felt so comfortable with this beautiful stranger. Once we started working together I began to feel excited, eager and inspired!  Ready to start working on me, to start loving myself again.

Sammie is truly a gifted coach, she radiates beauty on the inside and out and she is one of the most genuine people I know. She is wise beyond her years and taught me many things. Most importantly she taught me to be authentic and to love & appreciate me.  If you are anything like me and crave an honest, genuine, loving, heart felt, REAL connection then Sammie is the coach you are searching for. I can feel her eyes tearing up right now because mine are. 

Mikaela Egan
Indigenous Wellbeing and Photographer

It has been such an honour and a blessing to have received the joy of Sammie’s expert space holding and coaching.  It’s been truly life changing.  It came in perfect timing, as things always do. I was at a crossroads without quite realising it. The options and potential paths forward could have continued swirling around in my head for a long time, but Sammie got me tuned into that magical frequency where the answers and the sweet knowing live.  I knew that life coaching was my jam but working with her has really inspired me to keep stretching and growing and living into this calling like never before.

I loved having such deep space held for me (especially as I am usually the space holder for others).  It felt so nourishing and supportive. The powerful questions leading to deep transformation. I loved the free flowing nature of our sessions together rather than any kind of heavily structured format.  The sharing of your experience and wisdom as a life coach too. The magical quality of our conversations. That is so my vibe!

Since our coaching I’ve noticed a real difference in my confidence in my coaching abilities.  A deep belief that I can rise with ease and flow. A hugely expanded comfort zone. The unwinding of old patterns and beliefs that had me working way too hard upholding perfectionist tendencies and denying myself ease and rest.

My greatest and juiciest shift?  That I get to make sh*t up!  I don’t have to follow the rules. I can create whatever feels good. And that this is actually the only way to manifest the life of my dreams. That I can have ease AND shine brighter than ever. Who knew?

I am so grateful to you Sammie. You are a magical incredible unicorn and I am so pumped that I get to continue hanging out with you!

Tara Winters
Award Winning Coach

Sammie is the most talented coach that I’ve ever worked with in terms of coaching expertise and skill as well as having an incredible way of tapping into my higher self and wisdom so that everything that comes to me feels so aligned, real and true. I have never had a more powerful discovery call than with Sammie – she took me to a level that I didn’t know was possible – and I thought I’d already taken my mindset to the highest level possible. She jumped right in and added extra levels to it!

There were so many gems of wisdom throughout our time together – I felt so seen, heard and so validated and I feel like that ability to help me tap into my highest self and intuition and deep, authentic soul voice was exactly what I needed in order to apply that to different elements of my business, self and personal life.  The experience of coaching with Sammie was bloody incredible.

Emma Campbell
Purpose & Business Coach

The best thing about working with Sammie was knowing I had a judgement free mentor who was ready to lead me closer to my truth.  She provided me with the safest environment to speak those ideas that I had kept inside and needed to dissect.

After this beautiful year together I feel more empowered, confident, graceful and connected to my feminine energy and we did it in a way that was effortless.  This work is truly Sammie’s gift and I feel honoured to have worked with her.  It really opened a door for me that gave me confidence to connect women and create spaces that help us transform and thrive.

Sammie never made herself superior and her commitment to her personal growth all while being a coach, a sacred space holder and teacher at the coaching academy was admirable.  She is a goddess of grace and wisdom – a master at holding space in ways that lead you to opening your own door of feminine power and radiance, which leads to inevitable confidence and clarity that takes you to the next level of your life. The shift is so graceful and subtle… exactly what you need to step into the confident feminine leader and live a life with more purpose, flow and joy.

Christine Boulos
Business Owner

Coaching with Sammie is just what my soul needed! Beautiful, intuitive coaching that got me feeling so amazing that I smashed my business and life goals with absolute flow, that I surprised myself. Since working with this open-hearted guru I’ve found my niche, my voice, nailed my social media, created a website, and got my first paid client. All while loving my baby and running my other biz too.

I’ve officially given up “working hard” which I’ve done my whole life! I felt so incredibly heard and understood. Working with Sammie was all about massive energetic upgrades, and she was so right – get that stuff sorted and everything else will fall into place.

Kirsty Shorten
Life and Biz Coach for Soulful Mamas

Working with Sammie provided me the unconditional support that I hadn’t received before. She didn’t need me to be, give, do, or say anything other than be – me. She allowed me to be fully in receivership.  Sammie so beautifully enabled me to give myself the gift of letting go of the push, the hustle and the comparison. I began to learn how to be more myself in all facets of my life and the impact of that has been profound to both my immediate circles and the greater collective.

Through our coaching, creative juices were sparked.  I learned that I can choose an upgraded belief in any moment.  I’ve learnt to make life easier (everything doesn’t have to be hard!).  I have a new appreciation for slowing down and working in a sustainable way.    Sammie has an ability to reflect back to me what I already knew but just hadn’t realised or was in resistance to. It felt like she was an extension, a conduit of me.


Jodie Stokes
Coach, Sacred Space Holder + Business Leader

It was such a joy to work with Sammie! She is incredibly patient, kind, and encouraging. I felt fully supported throughout the process and accomplished so much during our time together. She allowed me to flow with different energies as new intentions emerged and offered ways to move forward with ease.

If you’re interested in a deeper exploration of your life goals, I highly recommend working with her!

Megan Miller
Therapist and Coach

My work with Sammie has been life changing. I went into the process with my own intentions but I came out with that and so much more, she gave me my wings. Sammie always held space for me, listened and understood me like no one else in a really long time and is so incredibly intuitive!

Sammie helped me to recognise situations and I am now able to take a step back from them to see things from a different angle. I have implemented so much into my daily routine and I can feel that everything else around me has also started to shift in a very positive way. I am so happy with the changes in my life and can now see things in a positive light in every moment.

Marta Rogacz
Asset Appraiser

Coaching with Sammie was expansive and an incredible remembering of who I really am at a soul level.  It was like having someone hold up a beautiful mirror of love, leadership, truth, support and this incredible level of belief that I am worthy of everything I desire.

She showed me what it was really like to feel free and safe to be my fullest expression and to say yes to my soul’s desires. Sammie’s coaching feels like a warm, motherly hug that says you can do whatever your heart dreams of.


Keely Merrett
Womens Mentor

I’m a freelance writer and I worked with Sammie who supported me through one my biggest writing deadlines this year.  Sammie was amazing. We dealt with my fears and anxiety around getting started, looked at where I was procrastinating and time wasting, she gave me specific tools for when I was feeling ‘blah’ at the start of a writing day (which I’m still using), and held me accountable to the writing routine I set for myself.

It helped me build the momentum I needed to go from literally zero pages (which was a scary place to be!), to completing a polished first draft that I was extremely proud of in time for the deadline.

Sammie fully supported me creatively through what could have been an insanely stressful period. She was gentle, encouraging, and was able to talk no BS with me when I really needed it. If you’re an artist, or wanting to start a creative project, I can highly recommend working with Sammie to support your creative process.

Emily Rose
Award Winning Writer, Gender Equality Advocate, & Young Women's Leadership Coach

Working with Sammie was restoring, sacred and elevating.  From the moment we first connected, it was like seeing an old friend.  I instantly felt her warmth, light and authentic energy that created a container for me to be vulnerable without fear or regret.   Sammie welcomed me into creating an experience that was devoted to deepening my relationship to myself.

During a time in my life where I could have easily became overwhelmed and let fear take the driver’s seat, this dedicated soul work really helped me stay grounded in self love so that I could navigate my life using my heart as the compass.

I am now truly living in alignment with my core values; I feel more connected to my mind, body and soul than ever, I feel open to possibility and grounded in self love.  I feel more me than I have ever felt. This is a kind of joy that only I can create for myself.

This was the most transformative year of my life.  What an incredible feeling it is to be able to complete this year by feeling my roots that connect me to my truth, knowing I have the freedom to not only create a vision, but live it out fully. I have never felt so alive.  

Sammie has an immense gift. A gift that is unlike any other that I have seen from coaches, mentors and other teachers. She has this intuitive capability to connect soul to soul with another person.  She was able to really see me, even if I couldn’t see myself. Sammie created a space that is light filled that anyone who enters can’t help but feel calm, clear and connected to their sacred self.

I wish it could go on forever 🙂  It was truly an experience I greatly cherish and I am so grateful that I was led to work with you.  THANK YOU!!!

Katie Kurtz
Coach + Founder of Soul Connect

Working with Sammie felt sacred, safe and loving. I was seeking guidance on how to stay tapped into my light while building this new business venture. I was also struggling with money bocks and false beliefs about myself, limiting beliefs and patterns that were getting in the way of my development and keeping me from reaching my fullest potential.

I learnt how my cycle affects EVERYTHING and how I can use it to change my inner and outer world. She made me see the light within myself. She opened me up to this whole other world around my moon and menstrual cycle. I feel like I know myself on such an intimate level now. It’s beautiful and I feel empowered.

Since coaching together I hear from others all of the time now, “Keri you have a light behind your eyes”. 

I loved the space that Sammie held for me. There were times that I brought some pretty heavy sh*t to our calls and I always felt safe and held. Sammie had a beautiful way of guiding me to the answers I needed to see while sparking some BIG, lasting changes as well.

Sammie has a beautiful, yet powerful way of holding space for women. I felt like I could always bring my best and worst self to our calls and she would hold me in a safe, loving way. The light that Sammie brought to my life is something I hope to hold for a very long time.


Keri Kugler
Coach + Yoga Teacher

When I first started working with Sammie I was at the very beginning of my decision to train as a coach myself. I was nervous, excited and also worried that I wouldn’t actually be able to make this dream I had a reality. I desperately wanted clarity and a plan. I was struggling with self-acceptance and body love.  I also realised that I really wanted to take the exploration of my cycle to a deeper level and understand how I could utilise each phase in the best way possible.

The biggest change I’ve witnessed in myself is the self-love that I now possess. Those thoughts about eating, weight, exercise, fat etc. have all just been replaced by feeling sexy, feminine, playful and free. I honestly never thought this would happen and I’m still not entirely sure how it did, truly magical!  All I know is that I have the tools and knowledge to make sure this feeling doesn’t leave me – and that is truly life changing. This has allowed me to be overall more peaceful and more joyful as I am no longer consumed by that voice, leaving me more time to focus on the things that are truly important to me.

My boyfriend Rob has noticed the shifts in my thoughts and feelings about my body. He also said that my whole approach to my business has changed, I’m enjoying the process more and am nowhere near as hard on myself.

The way she works is so inspiring; gentle, easygoing, loving connection. She is a true inspiration and I’m so glad she was my coach.

Thank you so much Sammie, truly it has been life changing. I can’t thank you enough for this beautiful gift of self-acceptance, it is so refreshing and freeing!

Emma Argent
Life Coach

When I first started working with Sammie I was feeling extremely muddled and lost in repetitive, self sabotaging thought patterns. I thought I would hire a bestie who would I knew would never let me down.

By the end of our first session I felt like it’s all going to be ok ! It was instant relief and a sense of excitement.

Throughout my time with Sammie I learnt new techniques for shifting negative thought patterns and had a person to rely on at all times. It was so refreshing to know that there was now a person who totally had my back every single day and only wanted to see me become the best version of myself. The space created was so warm and welcoming. I felt I was able to be totally open without hesitation knowing there was no judgement.

My shift in mindset and self talk has allowed me to RETURN to the fun loving, free, carefree soul that I always was. I just needed to be gently guided back there.

  This change has brought me back to a cycle of positivity, gratefulness & acceptance. HELL YEAH!!! (That feels so good to write!!!).

Bec Hayes
Yacht Stewardess

Working with Sammie was loving, beautiful and life changing. When we started coaching together I had taken on work that had ended up being incredibly stressful, I was trying to bring more space and balance into my life, I was starting to question a lot of things.

After the first session I felt energised, heard, loved and supported. We brought my attention to my heart and my emotions. I gained so much clarity about myself, what I needed and how to bring about the change that I was looking for. Each step of the way I was lovingly supported by Sammie and everything I was looking for materialised in my life and my heart. It was so lovely to see Sammie powerful in her feminine wisdom and being able to feel into that from her and learning about how to harness that, was amazing. My heart is now so much more open and my relationships are becoming even more loving and deep and my life is so beautiful.

I am so grateful to have found Sammie and couldn’t recommend her more, her support is the best thing you could do for yourself.

Zinzi Sullivan
Human Centered Designer + Lecturer

My heart is full. My heart is full. My heart is full!  I reached out to Sammie because I wanted to gain confidence in my souls gifts and create an environment that supported me to keep up with my daily spiritual practice and studies. I wanted to better understand and honour my moon cycle and experience more ease and calm. I wanted to develop and deepen my writing.

Sammie so beautifully reflected and honoured my light.  Sammie is the most beautiful person; she has the biggest smile and biggest heart, is so supportive and empathic, and holds you so powerfully with tenderness throughout the series. She stretches you, digs deep and so beautifully celebrates your success.  It’s like having a soulful bestie by your side encouraging you!

Sammie weaved her potent wisdom of cycles so naturally through my sessions; helping me to understand, honour and work with my body’s ebb and flow. Sammie’s encouragement and belief in me and my goals elevated my own to incredible heights.

Since working together there has been a big change in my confidence in my souls gifts.  I’ve launched and promoted an offering and held pro bono and paid sessions! I believe in myself more and am more open in relationships about my gifts and about my true/whole self.  Also I really do honour my body by checking in with where I am at in my cycle and how it could be impacting me in the current moment.

Natalli Nelson
Angel Oracle & Healer

When I first connected with Sammie I was feeling a lot of Imposter Syndrome, impatience, second-guessing and a lack of confidence.  I was feeling disconnected from my feminine and pulled to rediscover her. Fertility issues were making me feel like “less” of a woman and I was trying to become more in tune with what it felt like to be a woman.

Every session felt like speaking to a soul sister.  I loved tracking and exploring my “cycle” in terms of my emotions, energy levels, experiences, moods, and cravings. This is the first time in the 5 years I’ve not had a menstrual cycle that I have seen patterns to show I am still “in cycle”.

I come from a background in advertising, so always hustling, pushing and being busy but through coaching with Sammie I have realised how much that doesn’t work for me.  I have learnt that for me to remain confident in myself I need to allow more flow and a slower pace.

I’ve also noticed that through this flow and loving myself more as a woman, I carry myself in my marriage slightly differently. I am more forgiving and less quick to judge.

Kris Deminick
Coach at This Electrified Life

Sammie is an absolute heart on legs and I’m super grateful to have her in my life. I am very selective with who I work with energetically, and I instantly knew that Sammie was my girl when I needed a little extra love and support.

She has the purest energy and a huge heart of gold, which was instantly felt through the beautiful healing I received from her. Her intuitive guidance was bang on and she delivered supportive and kind words post healing, as well as checking in with me a few days later, that helped me through a very confusing and overwhelming time.

I couldn’t believe how effortlessly she picked up on some key points for me, and helped me instantly reconnect with my feminine energy and heart. Sammie oozes love and I cannot recommend her enough.

Tracey Spencer
Life Coach and Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Sammie has such a beautiful calming way about her.  Though it was at first scary to stop my day in its tracks to talk about myself for a full hour each fortnight, I always left the sessions feeling calm, motivated, and ready to look at my daily work and life habits through a new lens.

Sammie helped me to not only improve my daily routine and the annoying niggly things I was looking to change in my life, but bought about a sense of calm and acceptance around the things I just had to let be. I began to embrace and work with what I once saw as negative traits, and turn them into positive attributes that worked for, not against me.

There were always beautiful nuggets of advice or information within our sessions that I was able to implement in my daily work life that would bring an immediate sense of progress and positivity to my days, along with the more slow-burning, but just as useful and important lessons that I was able to soak up during the time I spent with Sammie. I can honestly say that Sammie’s words of wisdom were among the catalysts for a huge change that bought a massive calm and sense of ease to my life, something that had been lacking for years.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sammie to anyone looking to make changes to their daily, and monthly, routines in order to lead a life of achievement, happiness and ease.

Ruth Friedlander
Creative Director - Friendly Design Co.

Sammie is a shining light in the coaching world. She has a unique gift in being able to understand your hearts desires sometimes even before you’re brave enough to recognise them yourself. She is always so connected, accepting and present. Her coaching is a true reflection of her heart-centred self and her ability to inspire her clients to find clarity through holding such a calming space is such a gift. Coaching with Sammie has been one of the greatest decisions that I have ever made. I am eternally grateful.

Fontaine Hatzikalis
Life Coach and Author

When I first started working with Sammie I was going through a break-up of a long-term relationship, I didn’t enjoy my job.  I felt completely lost and directionless – unable to make clear decisions and manifest the life I wanted to live, because for so long I had tried to make decisions to please others.

In our first session I was nervous and felt a little vulnerable. I felt like the task ahead was too great to achieve but Sammie made me feel completely at ease and helped me to realise and create the picture for the life I wanted.

In the months since my coaching finished I moved overseas to embark on a new beginning.  The coaching helped me enormously to leave my job, family and friends at home in Australia and to embark on setting up a new life in a new city on the other side of the world.

Sammie helped me to be clear and give me the confidence that I could do this on my own.  I was about to get clear on what kind of life and career I wanted to begin here and I can proudly say that I am well on my way to achieving these things.  I have also learned a lot about myself, to be comfortable and confident in who I am.

In speaking with friends since moving internationally they have said “you seem more confident than I have seen you in a long time”.

It was the best and most valuable investment in myself I have made in a long time.

Alicia Collins
Communications Manager

When I first started coaching with Sammie I was feeling very lost.  I was about to go back to university and I was feeling very unsure about my decision. I was struggling to enjoy life in general and had lost sight of who I was.

During the first session Sammie’s beautiful nature, warmth and considered words radiated from her.  And after just half an hour with her, I left feeling lighter. It felt like I was just going to be chatting with a lovely friend.  My decision was easy, if I could feel that way after half an hour I knew committing to a coaching series with Sammie would be extremely beneficial.

I think she puts people at ease without even knowing she is doing it and this makes working with her such a valuable experience because it is so much easier to just be open and honest.

My family and friends have noticed that I seem lighter, happier and more positive.  I’ve learnt to love and accept who I am. Having this gives me more strength to focus on my goals, to believe in myself, and really to just be able to enjoy each day much more than what I use to be able to.

Brodie Morgan

When I first started working with Sammie I was struggling with the loss of a relationship and an uncertainty of who I was without the validation of others.  I wanted to truly find out who I was, what was important to me and what direction I wanted to take in my life. I aimed to get my enthusiasm and passion for life back.

I had never experienced coaching before and I will admit that I was slightly sceptical before I started.  After our first session together I felt like I was truly being heard and valued by this incredibly positive, funny and empathetic woman. I never felt patronised or uncomfortable in the session. I suddenly felt that it was ok to feel the way I did and was given real hope that my perspective on life would change for the better.

Both of my parents remarked on how much bubblier and motivated I seemed. Interestingly I hadn’t told either of them about the coaching so it was so great to hear that the way I was feeling was reflecting to others.  The biggest change would be how comfortable I felt in my own skin. I was able to focus on my studies and had a desire to achieve more from my work. Most of all it improved my relationship with myself.

Thank you so much Sammie for this incredible, life-changing experience! I hope I can take all that I have learnt while working with you and use it to continue discovering myself as I go through life.

India Alexander
University Student

My biggest struggle before working with Sammie was the slip in communication and connection with my husband. My relationship with him is so important to me and we were struggling to find our feet as new parents.  I was nervous to open up about what I was experiencing in my marriage as it is a deeply private and sacred part of my life, but after our first call I knew that I had made the right choice. You instantly made me feel heard.

It was a beautiful space to open up, share and create change in my life.

The changes in my relationship with my husband have been just amazing. Anytime we feel as though we are heading off track we come back to the work we did in my coaching series to rebuild more connection and communication.

I have felt other areas in my life shift, particularly my relationship with myself. I notice I am calmer, more focused and generally living from a more grateful place.

I could have spent all day deep in conversation with Sammie about anything! Our coaching experience was amazing and I felt a real connection to her.

Thank you Sammie for being like a big warm hug every call. The space you held for me was just what I needed as I worked on improving my relationship with my hubby and with myself. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Sarah Waldron
Lifestyle Coach

When I first started working with Sammie I was struggling with work and embracing my role, trying to find a way to slow down and enjoy life a little more. I felt a bit lost truthfully.  I was sick of feeling fed up and tired and I knew there had to be something better for me.

I felt really nervous going into our first session, I was worried that what I was experiencing was trivial and that we wouldn’t connect, but by the end of that session I felt like I’d had an aha moment. I’m not the only one ever to feel this way! I felt so at ease with Sammie it was like talking to a dear friend I have known all my life.

If I had to describe our coaching experience in 3 words, they would be life-changing, supportive and exciting.

Since working with Sammie my family and friends have noticed I am calmer and more relaxed, and I feel more settled within myself.  Basically, everything is just better!

Jess Morgan
Spa Manager

When I first started coaching with Sammie I was working on getting more clarity in setting up my new business and creating a sense of peace and balance around my families relocation to Australia and our future life direction.  I wanted to continue to take positive steps forward in my life.

By the end of the first session I was very clear about what I wanted to create in my life.

I loved that I felt connected with Sammie, who deeply listened and wanted only the best for me.  She was able to see the real me and reflect back my light when I would doubt and stop believing in myself.  Our time together felt safe, gentle and spiritual.

My biggest change is that I recognise I have a very loud inner voice that rips apart my self-worth with the work I want to do. Sammie made me feel safe to open up about the deep spiritual work I am drawn to do, and beautifully described my skills as a bridge between the grounded physical and the divine.  Sammie’s words and insight are gentle in their delivery but have great impact and power when you allow them to digest and resonate within you.

Dominique Smallcombe
Energetic Healer and Life Coach at Your Greater Power

When I first connected with Sammie I was feeling very out of place, very emotional and anxious a lot of the time, I was really struggling to be my usual happy self. At that point I reached out, she was amazing from day one and I instantly felt so supported.

By the end of the first session, I was feeling as though things weren’t nearly as bad as I thought, it was the first time in a long time I had the chance to speak up about what was buzzing around inside and causing me to feel so overwhelmed, it was such a relief. My outlook had already started to shift and become more positive.

I have realised so much about myself during this experience, and have to say how much softer and calmer I have become. I had spent years trying to be so strong for myself and those around me as life had thrown curve balls (as it does) but during my coaching I learnt there’s strength in my softness and my relationships have hugely benefited from this shift.

Natasha De La Haye
Real Estate Agent

Coaching with Sammie was elevating, inspiring and real.  When we first started coaching together, I noticed Sammie had an incredibly high energy vibration for love and happiness.  These were two particular areas I wanted to focus on more in my life and it drew me in to her, wanting more.

She taught me to take chances and trust the flow of life. How to let my walls down and give love, and keep giving love no matter what. So I did, and I’m not sure I would’ve been ready to make some brave choices in my life if we weren’t working together. I would’ve talked myself out of it over and over and probably miss out on something amazing.

All the love and joy that she radiates comes gracefully with every chat, filling you up with excitement and motivation each time.


Bianca Romeo
Fitness and Lifestyle Coach

Working with Sammie was nurturing, constructive and empowering.  As a result of our coaching, I am more open to the flow of life and feel confident in my ability to be calmer and flexible towards opportunities that arise.  I am better able to appreciate the skills that I possess as being of value to others and gained, not only significant personal insights, but also clarity and direction in connection with my working life.

Her wise counsel, unconditional support, the creation of a safe space that enabled me to work with her openly, the sharing of some personal aspects of her life and the practical activities, all contributed towards making this such an enriching and affirming experience.

Yoga teacher

When I met Sammie I felt a real connection and I always had been intrigued to try life coaching as opposed to counselling.  I had just started my business and I wanted to feel less overwhelmed and I wanted to shift my doubt and confidence. Since coaching with Sammie, my friends and loved ones have noticed me being more fearless and more connected in which direction I want to go.  I’m experimenting more with creativity, less judgmental of myself and learning to be more kind with my thoughts about myself and my inner child. Most importantly I’m exploring what I actually love doing.


Kate Minto
Business Owner