I see you.

Ready to step into your feminine power.
Ready to shift away from overwhelm and live with calm and ease.
Ready for deep inner confidence like never before.
Ready to live in flow and honour your magic cyclic ways.
Ready to live by your heart and in wild reverence to your intuition.
Ready for crystal clear clarity.

Done with doubting your feminine power.

Welcome to The Collective.


Over the last few years The Collective was being brought to life, I just didn’t know it. Throughout this time I have coached hundreds of brilliant women one-on-one, worked as the in-house life coach at a wellness retreat, held countless workshops, sacred circles and ceremonies and through these years of exploring the most powerfully transformative ways to work, The Collective came to be.

The Collective is a life changing, beautifully immersive, transformative and intimate group coaching program for a posse of powerhouse women ready to step into their most femininely powerful and influential selves.  

We do it differently around here.  It's gonna be a joyous, calm rise.

I call it, rising - with ease.

See, I have I have coached CEO's of US tech companies, mama's, new and established coaches, psychologists, grammy award winning artists, playwrights, corporate queens, yoga teachers, those unsure how they want to spend their time and a whole lot of other incredible women. 

And there is one thing I know for sure - there ain't nothing like seeing a woman step into her power.

It's a collective upleveling.  With ease.  And joy.
We honour our hearts, our deepest desires and the importance of rest.
We embrace and celebrate the beauty and brilliance of feminine energies and ALL of what it is to be a woman.
You will learn to live in even deeper flow with your natural cycles and rhythms, your moon or menstrual cycle; your magic cyclic ways.
It is time for you to own yourself as the powerful creator and woman that you are, more than ever before.

We balance soulful inner work and practical action.
We deeply respect our intuition.

Typically, the women that are drawn to The Collective are interested in stepping further into their feminine power, claiming their innate feminine gifts, supportive sisterhood, deep level cycle awareness, becoming more them than ever before, the sacred, ascension in life and business (with ease and calm) and cultivating the deepest inner confidence - all the while grounding into the truth that we are so very enough.  

It's time let go of anything holding you back from wanting all that you want.  

It's time to step IN. 

There is no curriculum because you are the content, sister.  We simply keep working towards you being more and more in your feminine power.  Allowing you to experience how life feels when you are in your magic.  Whatever is present for you and the women alongside you is what we work with.  There are no PDF's, worksheets or workbooks.  Sweet relief, huh? 

If you are here I know you have done all of that before.  You are ready for something deeper. something more attuned to what is real for you in the magic of the moment.

This is real life, impactful coaching to get you to where you want to be.

And this all happens alongside your new soul sisters.  Brilliant women who are called to step in and step up.  It never ceases to amaze me that we are all reflections of each other and being present to the coaching of another woman in your group can spark insights in your own life that you never knew you needed.

We ritualise the process of upleveling and we do it alongside each other because that's the new way, we rise together and we are stronger because of it.

We keep it sacred - always.

Read what women are saying it’s like to work with me over HERE.

:: CALLS ::
There are 3 online calls per month.  You are welcome to be on every single call but you don't need to be on every single call.  I trust you know what you need.  And I encourage you to trust that each call you come on is perfect for you. There’s also a bonus welcome call, so we can get settle into our online space together and ritualise the opening of this potent experience.

We share a private and engaged Facebook group as a place to celebrate your growth, ask questions, go deep, play big.  In there, you are welcome to unlimited coaching and support between calls.

There will be bonus interviews with some of the most epic guest teachers I know, delivered to you throughout the program.

$297 AUD per month x 5 months.  
Alternatively you have the option to pay in full with 5% off the total program.


This is the lowest investment way to work with me and you will get ALL of me.  I promise to show up for you - completely, fiercely and with love.


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