I've brought back my signature one-off sessions for the months of December 2018 and January 2019.

I'm talking single, one-off sessions. This is not something I usually offer. And it's so much fun.

After working with more incredible clients 1:1 this year than ever before I am so excited to dive deep into single sessions with just 10 women who are ready to step further into their feminine power.

If you are inspired to have the deep support of a coach, to step further into your power as you up-level, own your greatness, lean into deep inner confidence, live in flow and in tune with your magic cyclic ways, this may just be for you.  If you are ready to live by your heart as a brilliant and clever women in this world and be in reverence to your intuition, I invite you to take one of these limited places.


I work with women 1:1 around the areas of:

  • Stepping into your feminine power.

  • Allowing life to feel calm and full of ease as you up-level.  Ain't no space for overwhelm around here.

  • Aligning with your natural rhythms and learning to live in a state of flow.

  • Learning to work with your feminine energies, allowing them to work as a strength in your life.

  • Deepening your devotion to your spiritual or emotional wellness practices.

  • Connecting in with your intuition more than ever and trusting it to be your guide.

  • Your big and beautiful dreams – let’s bring those to life!

  • Understanding your feminine cycle in a deep and profound way, and the incredible ways it influences your life.

Perhaps it’s some of this, all of this, or something else entirely that you want to work on.

This life coaching session includes:

  • A pre session questionnaire to get you crystal clear on what your greatest desires are and what you would love to get out of our time together.  

  • 1 x 90 minute session where I will blend life coaching, intuitive guidance and ritual with whole hearted support for our session.  I'm ALL IN baby.

  • Tailored practices and tools to use after our session to supercharge our time together and breathe life into your intentions.

  • Two weeks of as much email support as you like following our session.

We will make the process sacred (of course!).  Think candles lit for us both, crystals chosen specifically for your session and calling in energetic support.

These single sessions are $297.
There is an option of a payment plan if you prefer to pay over 2 x instalments.

If you are a YES, fill out the form below and we can book you in!
And if you have any questions, let me know via the form below.

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