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* Current program is full - for expressions of interest for the next round please email me at*



Have you been feeling the call to connect with your cycle?   
To honour your divine inner rhythms and live the (whole!) month with ease?  
To reclaim your feminine + menstrual cycle and embody the fullest version of yourself?


A 6 week intimate group coaching series where we journey as a group through our menstrual cycle; learning, sharing and shaking our whole lives up.  Together we will explore our bodies incredible rhythms, tap into our innate power as women, release old belief systems and cultivate a wildly loving relationship with our cycle as a whole.

Covering our physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and energetic selves, we will dive deep into how we shift and change over the course of a month, discovering how different phases of our cycle affect us and how we can work with them all.   Through this deep and devotional understanding of your body and it's flow, we will learn to align with our natural rhythms and love all parts of our cycle, throughout each phase of the month.  We will reclaim the beauty and power of the feminine cycle.

It's going to be less about the science and contraception.  And more about the understanding of our cyclic nature, our connection to self, remembering, ritualising and cycle loving.

What's included?

  • Weekly online live group coaching calls
  • Weekly audio lessons and shares
  • Resources and journaling prompts
  • A private and high-vibe Facebook group to ask questions, share insights and support each other’s growth.
  • An amazing sisterhood to join you on the journey of exploration
  • Bonus videos and juicy conversations within the Facebook group (once you've talked cycles with your sisters, there is no going back!)


This is for you if:

You are committed to understanding your body and it’s amazing cyclic ways.
You are ready to live in deep alignment with your body (and know that this doesn’t always mean being in a state of 'achieving'!)
You have a curiosity to understand your menstrual cycle and the way it affects every day of your month (not just the week of the bleed).
You are ready to LOVE your flow.
You are called to connect more with the moon, the seasons of the earth and how they relate to your body.
You want to share this exploration with a group of high-vibe women who are just as eager and open as you.
You want to live as a woman in her full creative state.
You are in awe of the feminine and are ready to step further into it within your own life.
You have a desire to ritualise the feminine experience of the menstrual cycle.
This is not for you if:

You want help understanding the science and hormones around ovulation / fertility.
You are not ready to explore yourself and your cycle in a deep way.
You are not willing to move past the shame we often hold around menstruation.
You are wanting a 1:1 experience where we work on areas in your life that are not related to your cycle (check out my 3 month coaching series here, this may suit you better).

I know this is going to be an incredible experience for those that are ready to work with their cycle in a deeper and more devotional way.

* Current program is full - for expressions of interest for the next round please email me at*


When are we kicking this off?

Our first group coaching course has booked out.
The next Moontime series is likely to begin in October / November 2017.
Please email me to be on the wait list.

How much is it?
You have the choice to:
Pay upfront in full AUD$380
Or pay 3 x installments of AUD$140
All paid via PayPal and you will be invoiced directly.

How long do I have to decide?
This is a first in, first served program and as soon as we are full, that'll be it.  As we are keeping this nice and small, it's best to book in as soon as possible.


Email me at with the subject line MOONTIME.
Please include a note about your current relationship to your cycle and how you would love the relationship to be, to secure your place. 

* Current program is full - for expressions of interest for the next round please email me at*


  • What if I can't make one or two of the group coaching calls?
    No problem girl!  Of course I'm all about honouring your commitment and we would all prefer you would be there for every call, but I understand life happens and you may not always be able to make it. You will always receive a recording of the group coaching calls, whether you were there or not.
  • I don't live in Australia - can I still join?
    That's the beauty of the internet! You are more than welcome, wherever you are in the world.
  • I'm not currently bleeding due to my choice of contraception, coming off the contraception, menopause, a procedure or something else entirely.  Can I still join?
    Absolutely.  As a women you have an innate cycle within you that surpasses just the bleeding phase of a cycle.  You are so welcome to join us and connect in with that part of yourself.
  • I'm embarrassed to talk about my period / moontime / cycle!
    You are in the perfect place.  It's time now for us to shake off those taboos and stand in our power, reclaiming the magic and potency we hold as women.  Let's let go of that shame and replace it with respect for this amazing system!  I teach in a relaxed, loving and open way, and truly, I don't imagine you will be in a situation you feel very uncomfortable in.
  • I'm wanting to fall pregnant, will this help?
    This group coaching series is better suited for women wanting to explore their cycle, so for fertility purposes I would recommend you see a naturopath / GP.


For any other questions please email


Photos by the amazing Fi Mims Photography