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- a lush immersion designed to support you into a rich and deep relationship with the soul of your business -

Welcome to the homecoming where you and your business truly experience the love story you’re here to have. 

As you land on this page, I invite you to take a deep and delicious breath and let yourself *feel* into the possibilities that are available for you here.

Here’s the thing ..

Our businesses have a sovereign and unique energy of their own.

Each of us have been gifted the opportunity to be in partnership with the businesses, the ideas and the visions we have received. Your business has chosen to collaborate with YOU. Of everyone on the planet, it is you that has been given the one-and-only blessing of being in collaboration with the soul of your business.

Can you see the wild honour in that? Your business as an energetic entity all of its own has asked for you to be one who breathes life into the vision, into the purpose, into the creations, into the community.

It’s your heart.
It’s your energy.
It’s your skillset.
It’s your willingness.

This role you’ve stepped into ain’t for the faint of heart. It’s a call UP, a divine responsibility that has landed in your world.

Things change significantly when we enter into deep, sustainable and incredibly connected relationship with the soul of our businesses.

It has the potential to:

+ activate your creative energy in a breathtaking way.
+ take the pressure off you having to figure it all out with your intellectual mind, remembering that you are in collaboration with a deeply wise energetic force.
+ operate from a place of true devotion to the work you’re here to do.
+ easily turn down the noise of what you think you “should” be doing, or what formula you “should” be following – knowing you have the answers you need available to you at any time.
+ understand the inner workings of your unique business in a way that allows you to work with an abundance of ease.
+ remove the self-doubt that may just be influencing the way you show up in the work you’re here to do.  This is bigger than us.
+ recognise the inherent and innate knowing that lies within each of us.
+ tap you into the clearest and most profound vision for the work of your life.

When you are in relationship with the soul of your business in this way, it becomes an ever-present, trusted guide, collaborator and partner. It is a profound way of being that will elevate the way you operate and *feel* within your work – forever.

Together, for an entire month, I will walk alongside you within an energetically-rich container and support you into a deeply connected partnership with the soul of your business.

It’s gonna be a good time, my friend!


30 days immersed amongst an intimate community of big-dreaming, heart-led, ambitious folks – a space of ritual, energetic upgrades, high-level coaching, keep-em-forever masterclasses, mindset level-ups and a heightened sense of devotion to this work of your lifetime.


Spaces are limited because it’s important for me that I’m able to deeply and personally support you in the way that you deserve.

This is a culmination of coaching hundreds of incredibly powerful humans, supporting them with the energetic and practical elements to rise higher into their vision and soul work, with ease.

Years of conversations, experiences and deep learning distilled into an experience to journey with throughout this 30 days, with me right by your side.

And you are so welcome here.




CONNECTED includes:

Weekly Live Coaching Calls:

We will have live coaching calls every single week which will be held at a variety of times to allow for our different time zones. You are welcome to join as many as you can make.  This is a space for YOU to receive (if you choose) personalised coaching and support. One of the most valuable things about group experiences is that you’ll witness others receiving coaching which can activate incredible insights that you didn’t even know you needed! The calls will be recorded so you’ll be able to watch back if you can’t make one or some of them live.

A Guided Collection of Rituals:

You’ll receive potent and powerful recorded ritual teachings to support you into deeper-then-ever partnership with your business. The way you’ll receive these will allow you to breathe life into the rituals at a time that feels best for you.

A Guided Collection of Masterclasses:

You’ll receive a stream of audio masterclasses to guide you through the experience and elevate your learning, understanding and relationship building.

A Beautiful Workbook:

A lush workbook will be sent your way as a place to capture your insights, journal your wonderings and keep the magic alive long beyond the end of our immersion.

Facebook Lounge:

We will have a pop up Facebook lounge to gather together – this space is yours to ask questions, receive coaching between calls, connect with the others in the space, celebrate your delicious self and share insights!

The Details:


The immersion will run from August 10th – September 9th.

This is the lowest cost way to work with me in any kind of capacity (by far!) and we will have a brilliant, high-touch experience together.

Full payment of AUD$497


2 x monthly payments of AUD$259






Will Connected support me well if I’m starting out, feeling right in the messy in-between of things, deep in a re-imagining, re-defining or pivoting of my work OR many years in and my business is thriving?

Connected is an experience that is personalised. It’s not a cookie-cutter, one size fits all journey. I recognise the immense variety of stages that we can find ourselves at within business and this is an opportunity to connect in to *yours* in a way that will support you in immeasurable ways with exactly where you are. Lemme tell you – wherever you are is perfect for this. Whether you’re confused about what’s next, rooted and solid in your success or starting to daydream about something new. It’s all welcome. You are so welcome.

I want to be live for at least some of the live calls!  When will they be held?  

While we are in the process of setting the exact dates and times, we are factoring in Australia, New Zealand, the US and UK timezones in particular for the live calls.  At least some of the calls will suit your timezone if you live in one of those places!  Any calls that you miss will be recorded and there will be all sorts of ways to ensure you receive coaching and your questions are answered throughout the program (being in conversation with you in this way is a joy of my life and high priority).

How do I *know* (beyond reason) if this is the right fit for me and my business?

If you’ve read the words around Connected and (perhaps even more importantly) felt into it for yourself and it feels like it both ignites something in you and you feel called to step closer, you’re a fit. Loves, I’m here to be witness to your sovereignty. You’ll know what’s best. If it’s a yes for you, I’d love to have you. I trust you’ll know.


Let’s deepen into relationship with the soul of your business in the most magnificent way.  Are you with me?


Full payment of AUD$497

2 x monthly payments of AUD$259


Sammie is a highly intuitive, deeply encouraging and beautifully skilled coach and coach trainer. Any person who is blessed to coach with Sammie will leave that exchange a changed person. Her impact is soul deep and lasting, to the point where years later you will be able to think back to your time with her and smile - knowing that the lessons you gleaned from your time together are still impacting your life in untold ways. Keep reading

Julie Parker
CEO and Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy

The single most important decision I made that has helped my personal life and soul business skyrocket like a supernova has been working with Sammie. I get emotional thinking about the myriad of ways her coaching has transformed the outward business approaches and the inner way I feel about the secret corners of my soul. Get ready because her energy is mama bear meets glowing angel, and every single interaction brings her clients one step closer to being fully expressed humans capable of anything you can imagine. Keep reading

Emily Bauman
Owner and Creative Catalyst at Amanacer Art

Prior to my time spent with Sammie I was finding it hard to implement routines and maintain practices that helped me to feel my most nourished emotionally, spiritually and creatively. Sammie worked with me to help create environments that bring about a positive space for growth and reflection. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking to grow their own potential in a sustainable, devoted and nourishing way. Keep reading

Kimbra Johnson
Grammy Award winning Musician, Songwriter and Artist

Sammie worked with us for two and a half years as the in-house life coach at Tarascon Health. She has been a huge positive influence not only on our clients, but on our therapy team as a whole. She has been the favourite therapist for so many of our clients. I can’t think of a better life coach, or person, to help people in any circumstance move forward in their lives with positive change. Keep reading

David Rossini
General Manager at Tarascon Health