Hey beauty,

Do you want to:

::   Step into your feminine power?
::   Feel like the most calm and radiant version of yourself?  
::   Experience a life of ease, connection and clarity?
::   Tap into your own intuition and learn to trust yourself, leading with heart?
::   Embrace your sensitivity and embody it as a superpower?
::   Return to the brighter, happier you that you have lost along the way?
::   Understand, honour and align with your menstrual/feminine or moon cycles?

Well, hello!

I work with women all over the world just like you, who want to create lives full of calm, ease and clarity.

We work on cultivating a loving relationship with yourself (can you imagine how good that would feel?!).  We’ll also work on transitioning from going through life making decisions based on what you think you 'should' be doing, to living from your heart.

I want you to start living life on your terms, with clarity of what it is you actually want. At the same time, we’re going to amp it all up with a whole lot of love, ease and stepping in to your power along the way.

I weave my passion of feminine cycles into coaching, allowing you understand, honour and align with your own rhythms.  This is a game changer.

During the time we have with each other, we'll work together to clarify your dreams, your desires - and bring them to life.

Sessions with me look like ::

A totally open and safe space for you to speak your truth.
Getting to the heart of what it is YOU want.  
Identifying areas of your life that are taking you away from your natural state of ease, flow, joy and feminine power.  
Exploring your feminine and/or menstrual cycle and discussing how this influences your life, and how you can learn to tap into your own rhythms and love this amazing system.
Implementing different techniques, habits and practices that will intensify and magnify the goodness in your life.
Practical actions to move you towards the life you have been dreaming about.

I might lead you through some gentle meditations.  We will possibly do some easy breath work.  But no matter what - I can promise you - We will have SO much fun.

My official qualifications include:

/ Qualified and Certified Life Coach – Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy
/ Reiki Level 2 certified
/ Bachelor of Communications – majoring in Creative Industries
/ Sacred Circle facilitating training


Not sure what coaching can do for you?  Read about some of my client's experiences here.



90 day transformation
Investment of $1540 AUD (payment plan of $520 per month available)

+ A pre coaching questionnaire so we can get that sweet clarity on what you want before we even begin (this is a game changer in itself!)
+ 1 x 75 minute intention setting session where we get to know each other on a deeper level and get super clear on your dreams and desires
+ 5 x 60 minute coaching sessions
+ Email support and contact between sessions
+ Tailored meditations, resources and practices to implement between sessions to keep progressing in the most powerful yet easeful way.

All sessions are held over Skype or phone so you can be anywhere in the world.

Also available for a 9 month transformation


To apply for coaching please fill out the form below and I will be back to you within 2 business days to schedule a 1:1 call to make sure coaching feels completely aligned for you.


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It's a brave leap to take the first step towards living the life you want.  And I want you to feel totally comfortable in your decision.  That’s why we have a 30 minute chat first, where there is no obligation, just an opportunity to get to know each other, and see if coaching is right for you.

To book in this complimentary chat please fill out the form above.




Prior to my time spent with Sammie I was finding it hard to implement routines and maintain practices that helped me to feel my most nourished emotionally, spiritually and creatively.  Sammie worked with me to help create environments that bring about a positive space for growth and reflection.  Through our work I was able to grow into a deeper sense of groundedness and surrender.

                                                                                 - Kimbra Johnson


Sammie is an absolute heart on legs.  I am very selective with who I work with energetically, and I instantly knew that Sammie was my girl when I needed a little extra love and support.  I couldn't believe how effortlessly she picked up on some key points for me, and helped me instantly reconnect with my feminine energy and heart. 

- Tracey Spencer


My shift in mindset and self talk has allowed me to RETURN to the fun loving, free, carefree soul that I always was. I just needed to be gently guided back there.  This change has brought me back to a cycle of positivity, gratefulness & acceptance. HELL YEAH!!! (That feels so good to write!!!).

- Bek Hayes



I am now truly living in alignment with my core values; I feel more connected to my mind, body and soul than ever, I feel open to possibility and grounded in self love.  I feel more me than I have ever felt. 

                           - Katie Kurtz



My family and friends have noticed that I seem lighter, happier and more positive.  I’ve learnt to love and accept who I am. Having this gives me more strength tofocus on my goals, to believe in myself, and really to just be able to enjoy each day much more than what I use to be able to.

- Brodie Morgan



Sammie helped me to be clear and give me the confidence that I could do this on my own.  I was about to get clear on what kind of life and career I wanted to begin here and I can proudly say that I am well on my way to achieving these things.  I have also learned a lot about myself, to be comfortable and confident in who I am.

                 - Alicia Collins

Since coaching with Sammie, my friends and loved ones have noticed me being more fearless and more connected in which direction I want to go.  I’m experimenting more with creativity, less judgmental of myself and learning to be more kind with my thoughts about myself and my inner child. Most importantly I’m exploring what I actually love doing.        

                  - Kate Minto


I had never experienced coaching before and I will admit that I was slightly sceptical before I started.  After our first session together I felt like I was truly being heard and valued by this incredibly positive, funny and empathetic woman. I never felt patronised or uncomfortable in the session. I suddenly felt that it was ok to feel the way I did and was given real hope that my perspective on life would change for the better.

                                                                           - India Alexander


If I had to describe our coaching experience in 3 words, they would be life-changing, supportive and exciting.
Since working with Sammie my family and friends have noticed I am calmer and more relaxed, and I feel more settled within myself.  Basically everything is just better.

- Jess Morgan / Spa Manager



As a result of our coaching, I am more open to the flow of life and feel confident in my ability to be calmer and flexible towards opportunities that arise.

-  Suzie



With a sense of her ‘old soul’ Sammie’s strong support and guidance not only helped me create a better sense of calm  but also gave me a more enriched perspective of life.

- Madelene McCaffrey





Sammie has a unique gift in being able to understand your hearts desires sometimes even before you’re brave enough to recognise them yourself. 

Fontaine Hatzikalis




Sammie has an incredibly high energy vibration for love and happiness.  She taught me to take chances and trust the flow of life. How to let my walls down and give love, and keep giving love no matter what. 

- Bianca Romeo




I have realised so much about myself during this experience, and have to say how much softer and calmer I have become. 

- Natasha De La Haye




Once we started working together I began to feel excited, eager and inspired!  Ready to start working on me, to start loving myself again.

- Mikaela Egan



Sammie's warmth, ability to truly listen, her generosity of time and practical guidance is something I will be forever grateful for and I would not hesitate for a second in recommending her coaching services to anyone wishing to enrich their lives positively.

- Hayley Culley



Thinking about becoming a life coach yourself?  Send me an email and we can talk further about the course that changed my life - I am blessed and honoured to be an affiliate of this course and offer a free three month coaching series + some reiki lovin' if you sign up through my special link.  Exciting!