Why should I care about my menstrual cycle?

This question may have crossed your mind, particularly if you’ve seen my ever-growing interest in this area on social media.

Why should you care about your menstrual cycle?

Well, my friend, because it’s the most incredible system that most of us are far removed from. 

Because it’s happening to you, every single month.  

Because you are worthy of understanding your body and it’s rhythms. 

And because, there is such power that comes with knowing how to flow with your month.  Not pushing against your energy, but instead, working with it.  Riding those high bursts of energy and productivity.  Softening into those spaces of rest and restoration.

Honestly, this is all at your fingertips, it’s just a matter of delving into your own rhythms, of tracking your own cycles.  Yep.  It’s one of my favourite versions of woman empowerment.    

Women are cyclic beings.  Just like the moon and the seasons, our bodies change so much throughout the month.  And in our modern world, we have forgotten that.  Most of us don’t take our cycles into consideration at all.  Our social calendar, our workouts and our workloads often look the same all month round.   

When I introduce this concept of working with the cycles with my clients, a common resistance is that they don’t want to slow down, because there is so much to do.  I get that.  The thing is, it’s not about just lying around for a week with no changes to the rest of your month.

Instead, it’s about conserving your energy when you need to, to make the more dynamic phases of our cycle even brighter.

It’s about relishing in the rest.  No guilt, because you have planned for it, and it’s the natural thing to do.


If you are interested in tracking your own cycle, really getting to know your own body's rhythms, an amazing place to start is downloading the app Clue. 

It's free (hurrah!), and is a super easy way to start tracking your moods, energy levels etc.

We will be going deeper into this topic for sure, along with all of the other things I usually write about.  If you want to hear more, sign up for my newsletter below.

Understanding our own cycles is the first step to tapping into the amazing potential and wisdom of our bodies.  
It's only up from there!