The importance of the in-between

A couple of months ago I listened to a podcast by Rob Bell (what a guuuyy!) all about the importance of the in-between moments. It has really stuck with me and I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you.

The in-between moments --- The few minutes we have when we order a coffee and wait for it to be made. The five minutes waiting outside the school before your kid reaches the car. The pause we have when the kettle is boiling to make our tea. Or the time we have while waiting for a friend who’s arriving a few minutes after us. Even the few moments between the alarm going off, and getting out of bed. And how we (well, most of us, me included) are tending to fill those moments up – mostly by looking at our phones.

He spoke about how we, as humans, need time to process our lives. How those few minutes of in-between are imperative for allowing yourself to deal with what has happened that day, that week, that month. The conversations, the experiences, the feelings. And without this time to let us mull over what has happened or what is about to happen, everything becomes suppressed. And all that has happened – all the little frustrating moments, joyous times, uncomfortable situations - they come up to be processed during the rare times we do allow ourselves to be still (and phone-free). And it's too much. It's too much for our nervous systems and it doesn't allow for true processing of emotions and situations.

We need to get still and quiet to allow our minds the space to process. We need to be IN our lives, noticing and dealing with our days as they go by. We need to get bored to allow our minds the space to get creative. It's no coincidence that your best ideas come in the shower (a universal truth, ya?) or on a walk.

So what to do? I, for one, with a long way to go here, am going to allow myself to be fully in the in-between moments, one by one. When waiting for coffee, I’ll just wait. And the rest!

And you? How will you allow yourself the gift of those in-between moments with the fresh week ahead?