How do you want to feel?

How full is your life?

How overwhelmed do you feel?

How many times do you answer “How are you” with “I am seriously SO busy!”

When did busyness become a badge of honour to wear?  Something to be proud of, or even aspire to?  Have you considered that we might glorify busyness these days?

Let’s take a moment to get clear on how we want to feel.  Because we have a choice.  We just need to choose.  Sounds so simple right? But it takes a bit of conscious decision-making.

So - how do you want to feel each day?


For me :::

I want to feel ease.  

I want to feel grace.  

I want to feel calm. 

I want to feel connected to myself, and the people I love.  

I want to feel productive.

I want to feel full of energy.


I don’t want to lessen the joy of filling your life up, of accomplishing amazing things, spending tons of time with the ones you love and all that juicy, important, life affirming good stuff. 

It’s more - the overcommitting, the rushing, the shallow breathing, the overwhelm, the stress, the no time for ourselves - state we can find ourselves in these days.

We are all different, and I know some people thrive on a jam-packed schedule. 

But, do you?

If you want to go a little deeper, let’s tap into our bodies for a moment.


Imagine :::

Feeling busy - so busy that looking after yourself takes a low priority and you are rushing through your days.  You get to the end of the day equally exhausted, and a little anxious about how much there still is to be done.

How does that feel in your body?


Now imagine :::

Feeling as though you were accomplishing everything you need to, striving to be your best, looking after yourself in the way you know you deserve and spending time with your family and your friends, all while owning it at work, of course.  Instead of overwhelm, you were getting everything done with ease.  Moving through your day with a clear mind, deep belly breaths, feeling equally peaceful and productive.


How does that feel in your body?

Ummm ... I’m gonna say, better, right?!

So, my friend, let’s do this.  Let’s commit to feeling better and brighter and more relaxed.


Firstly, it’s imperative to get clear on how we want to feel.

And once we have, here are a few tips that can help you tap into that state of ease, calm and productivity.


-       Consider setting a morning intention.  Something like “I get everything done with ease.”  Come back to that intention during the day when you feel the overwhelm creeping back in.  

-       Plan.  I know this is pretty Life 101, but it's easy to forget.  I can easily just ‘be’ and float through the day, choosing intuitively what I feel like doing next.  But with a long to do list and a business to run, this isn’t always the most productive way to be... So I’m BIG into planning now.  For me that looks like - A Sunday evening week plan, a morning check-in with my to-do list and prioritising what actually needs to be done.

-       Say no!  Quit the overcommitting, let go of FOMO, and honour yourself and your time.  Say no when you don’t have enough time, and show up FULLY for the things you have said yes for.

-       Set aside some time in your day to quieten your mind. “Are you kidding me?!  I don’t have time for that!” you say? Perhaps you need this even more.  Even just a few minutes in the morning or the evening, to sit with your breath, connect back in with your self (that true calm, radiant, loving self living with ease ;) ).  You will take this consciousness and quiet through the rest of your day.


How do you lessen overwhelm?  How will you inject more calm and ease into your days?

Share your tips and ideas below, or let me know how you go with these!


Much love