An Evening With Danielle LaPorte

{Image via The Wake Up Project}

{Image via The Wake Up Project}


Last night I walked into one of my favourite situations – a theatre packed with (mostly) women, ready to learn, up-level and be inspired.  I always feel there is such a buzz in the room when women congregate in that way.

We were all there to see Danielle LaPorte speak.  She is one of my great teachers, and I have ‘followed’ her for many years now.  DLP is probably best know for The Desire Map - a holistic life planner, a goal setting system where we prioritize how we feel, over what we achieve (cos it’s always (always!) about how you feel.)

And so it was with immense excitement that I sat last night and took in the sweet wisdom of the woman herself.

I know there are many of you that would have loved to have been there so I thought it best to share-that-love and post about my biggest takeaways from the night.

This is all completely paraphrased by me, my perception of the messages.  
I hope I can give you even just a tiny glimpse into the magic that was last night.

So here goes, in no particular order –

Love is ALWAYS the right thing to do.

Most of us are privileged.  You have likely been born into a country which allows you a certain amount of freedom, and with that, we are honour bound to other women who don’t have the privileges we do.  Don't take it for granted.  We are all one.

Feelings are facts.
Compassion is a strategy.

Self help?  The best self help is self compassion.  Imagine what life would be like if you were truly kind to yourself.

It’s a lie that someone has an answer that you don’t have about your life.  It’s never true that others know what is better for you, than what you do.  Listen in.  Trust yourself.

Being super sensitive (hello!) is absolutely, completely ok.  Feeling for others, crying for others, happens because – LOVE.  Be grateful for the ability to feel – all of it – you must let your heart be broken to fully be here.

The patriarchal system can in fact be seen as the patriarchal mindset.  Not all men are part of it, yet some women are.  The Divine Feminine runs through all beings.  Through everyone, no matter what gender you identify with.  It’s the softness and the nurturing and the beauty within us all.

Befriend your body.

Tired of reading all the “feel the fear and do it anyway” quotes?  I feel ya. 
You’ll be courageous enough when you are in enough pain, or the craving is strong enough.

You will never manifest the dream if you don’t feel worthy of it.  Start there.  How do we get to that state of worthiness?  Treat yourself like a friend.

Your true nature is warm, luminous and friendly (ahhh my heart!)

Give yourself a break, but step up once you know what you know.
“When you know better, you do better” – Maya Angelou.

In order to stay soft and open, we need boundaries.  As Danielle says - Open heart, big fucking fence.  .  Inside the fence we can stay soft.

We don’t need to become hardened to take care of ourselves, in fact tenderness is the blossoming of spiritual maturity.

If you’ve got boundaries, you are (inevitably) going to annoy some people.  It is what it is.

The rebirth happens in the honesty.

It’s ok to forgive people you don’t want to forgive.  It’s also ok not to.  But if you choose to, you can forgive their soul, not their behavior.

Joy is the experience of having contact with your soul.
Happiness is fleeting, it’s emotional fun.

Notice the dialogue you have with yourself.  Speak with kindness, always.

Be intentional with your word.  Say what you mean.

Spirituality – what do YOU want?  Who are YOU?  You don’t have to earn the great love, nor do you have to juice or get into tantra or start chanting to be any more “spiritual” than you already are..  Do what feels good for you (I agree with this SO much).

Spirituality is not about ascending; it’s about befriending the present.

Slow down if you need to, but don’t stop.