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- a lush week of deep coaching, ceremony, sacred circles, yoga and incredible food in a gorgeous retreat space overlooking the rice fields of Bali -

a collaboration between
Sammie Fleming (coach and sacred space facilitator)
and Kristin Borchardt (studio owner and highly experienced yoga teacher)


We are deeply grateful to hold this experience on the sacred lands of Bali and pay our respects to the traditional custodians of the land, the Bali Aga and Bali Mula people. There will be donations made on our behalf as we do our best to respect and acknowledge the lands we are on.


This retreat is a space where you’re guided to remember your innate brilliance, power and heart beyond the roles you hold in your every day life.  A place to reconnect with the parts of you that are ready to breathe so freely again.

You hold so much.  Perhaps it’s holding space for clients, for family, for those you support through your work or your stories.  It may look like holding space for your business, your friends or those that you love.

Here, during a week together in Bali, you can let yourself be *truly held*, every step of the way.  While we hold complete and utter respect for your space, our absolute joy is to take exquisite care of you from the moment you step through the doors of our private retreat venue.  Every touch point is carefully considered, every day created with deep nourishment in mind, every experience curated to support you holistically.


Let’s reignite your radiance, soften into presence, fill your cup up to the point of sweet overflow and settle into the most delicious state of rejuvenation.


In our secluded retreat space amongst the gorgeous surrounds of Pererenan, near the Canggu beach, we will journey together through a seven day deep and delicious experience, designed to leave you feeling truly connected to who you really are, the land and the community around you.

You will be incredibly nourished, feeling wildly alive and attuned to your body and your soul.

Deep restoration

A remembering of your true nature

Joyful connection

Through a spacious schedule of deep coaching, yoga, ceremony, sacred circle, breath work, restorative practices and so much more, this retreat is a high touch and high love experience where you are supported and able to release the requirements of your day-to-day life and all that you hold.

This is a space for you to receive.

Each day is intentionally cultivated to provide you with ultimate nourishment on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually.  While each day is beautifully full, we are never hurried and there will be so much time and space for you to rest, integrate, walk through the rice fields, read and swim in our private pool.

Between us we have 23 years experience in teaching, space holding and facilitation. Kristin as a yoga teacher and breath work facilitator and Sammie as a life coach and sacred space facilitator. This collaboration feels like years in the making, coming at the perfect time and we are so excited to invite you in.

We are keeping this retreat small, so numbers are limited.  Already, we have a truly magnificent group of humans who have said yes to themselves and are devoting to truly receiving, deep rest, growth and rejuvenation.  There are still a few spaces remaining (all details below) and YOU are so welcome.


Please know that all bodies are welcome. You do not need to be an experienced yoga student to attend – at all! Kristin will work with you and (with consent) offer adjustments when needed to make sure you are safe and comfortable in the practice. Modifications and listening into our bodies will be a high priority.




High quality, beautiful and newly renovated villa accommodation (options below) in a gorgeous retreat space that we have exclusive use of, including our own yoga deck, open aired lounge spaces for group work and our own shared private pool.

A culturally sacred Balinese welcoming ceremony.

Daily sunrise activating and awakening yoga and meditation
overlooking the rice fields.

Daily candlelit, nourishing and restorative yoga to end our day.

Deep group coaching experiences and sacred circles.

Nourishing vegetarian meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner plus high quality and nutritious snacks and drinks between meals served in the outdoor dining area.

Private pool with sun chairs and umbrellas for you to relax and enjoy.

Twice daily consciously selected raw juices and/or young green coconuts.

One 60 minute relaxing Balinese massage.

Daily space for rest or to enjoy a quiet walk through the rice fields or along the beach.

A selection of supportive modalities and ceremonies with highly reputable practitioners to elevate our journey.

Surprises and extra’s along the way!

Not Included:

(please ensure you arrive either the day before we begin)

(we will have a contact you can liaise with directly).

Travel insurance and visa’s.


Saturday June 24th – Friday June 30th inclusive.

Accommodation Options and Costings:

All rates are in NZD
Each room has fresh linen, air conditioning and safe filtered water.
Rooms are cleaned daily.


single bed bunks, sharing room with three other people and a private ensuite to share.
Pay In Full: NZD$4540
Payment Plan: 3 x monthly payments of NZD$1610


single bed, sharing room with one other person and a private ensuite to share.
Pay In Full: NZD$5350
Payment Plan: 3 x monthly payments of NZD$1885​

Single Room (FULLY BOOKED)

king or queen bed, a room to yourself with a private ensuite.
Pay in Full NZD$6300
Payment Plan: 3 x monthly payments of NZD$2200

longer payment plans for all room types available by request

Spaces are extremely limited and with the volume of interest we expect it to sell out so please ensure you apply as soon as you can.




Q + A


1/ Is it ok to come on my own?

Sammie: For sure. Some people will be coming with a friend, but most people will be coming on their own. You are in incredible company. We are excited to create spaces and experiences for you to connect deeply with yourself and each other. It is a powerful act of courage and self-devotion to choose this for you, with you.

2/ Physically I have some limitations, will that be ok for the yoga practice?

Kristin: If there is a physical limitation that you feel may limit you in same way from doing the yoga, please feel free to reach out to me and we can arrange a one to one chat to talk things through specifically for you, otherwise please know all practices of yoga will be taught in a way to give you full permission to be how you need to be to stay safe. As an instructor I will provide necessary modifications if you prefer to take a slower option and will also provide options if the invitation within your body is there for extension. The key to know is that it is encouraged to go at your own pace and to listen to your body on each given day and within each given moment.

3/ I’m feeling excited at the possibility of coming but in all honesty I’m also quite nervous.

Sammie: I hear you. Not only are there very real logistics that need to be organised in order for you to make this happen but on a more energetic level, you may just be on the precipice of saying yes to something significant in your life, a transformative and deeply nourishing experience. At times this can make us feel like we want to shy away. This isn’t a typical holiday that may feel easier to say yes to, it’s a deep invitation into time for YOU. It can feel audacious, it can feel big, it can feel edgy. It takes courage to step towards that and say yes to yourself. It requires bold action. I want to remind you of the very real benefits that everyone around you receives when you take incredible care of yourself, when you say yes to experiences that benefit YOU. Not only do you reap the benefits, but everyone around you does. Your family, your partner, your workplace, your clients, your community. It’s a brilliant and self-loving move to lean in to an experience like this and know that is may just elevate your life in the most magnificent way. If you want to talk more about this, please let us know, we are here for you.

4/ What will the food be like?

Kristin: If you haven’t travelled to Bali, Bali does food SO well! A beautiful organic movement flows down from the farmlands around the volcanoes, into the villages – so fresh and vibrant fruits and vegetables full of energy are of abundance. The menu’s that we have selectively chosen are vegetarian based, with vegan options also available. The food we will have on offer will be full of colour and flavour and hold dense nutrition to ensure we are giving our bodies all the health and nourishment we need over our time together. Raw juices and fresh green coconuts will be available each day throughout the day to top up on in between.

5/ Can you tell me more about the yoga teaching style and the life coaching?

Kristin: My own self practice with yoga has expanded over the last 25 years, having been heavily influenced by dynamic practices of vinyasa and ashtanga styles in my earlier days, however now also becoming deeply passionate in the trainings from restorative therapeutic styles of yin and restorative yoga. Each day of the retreat we will see the beautiful synergy of two styles of yoga – a slow flow vinyasa style of yoga in the morning at sunrise to awaken and move and then closing our day with cooling, calming and stilling practices of Yin and Restorative Yoga. The morning practices will have an element of movement, effort and extension (at your own level and pace), the evening classes we let go of exertion and extension and move into surrender and release, supported with big pillows and blankets to support and find comfort.


Sammie: During this retreat, it is my highest joy to support you individually within a group environment to feel truly connected to yourself, to your true essence underneath the many roles you have in your life. To remember your innate brilliance, power and heart. This is going to be facilitated through both high-quality group conversations and gorgeous sacred circles. I will guide you every step of the way and there’s no need to feel experienced or even confident going in to this, that will grow over our time together. Some people will have lots of experience with these spaces, others will be entirely new. It’s all perfect, truly.

6/ What is included in the retreat?

Sammie: Everything above!  And!  From the moment you arrive, we will take the most exquisite care of you. There’s nothing you need to think about, because we’ve thought about it all. Including the treats and extra’s you didn’t even know you needed! While the specific inclusions are in the details above, we also have so many delights and surprises for you along the way. This is an all inclusive experience in all ways and we cannot wait for you to be able to sink into really receiving it all.


If you feel ignited at the idea of joining us for this rich, nourishing and restorative retreat, please apply.

We will be back to you within 48 hours with a response.




Sammie worked with us for two and a half years as the in-house life coach at Tarascon Health. She has been a huge positive influence not only on our clients, but on our therapy team as a whole. She has been the favourite therapist for so many of our clients. I can’t think of a better life coach, or person, to help people in any circumstance move forward in their lives with positive change. Keep reading

David Rossini
General Manager at Tarascon Health

Sammie is a highly intuitive, deeply encouraging and beautifully skilled coach and coach trainer. Any person who is blessed to coach with Sammie will leave that exchange a changed person. Her impact is soul deep and lasting, to the point where years later you will be able to think back to your time with her and smile - knowing that the lessons you gleaned from your time together are still impacting your life in untold ways. Keep reading

Julie Parker
CEO and Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Sammie is – hand on my heart – one of the most powerful coaches I have ever met.  There is […] Keep reading

Hayley Carr
International Woman of Mystery

Working with Sammie was a radical experience! I had some of the most powerful realisations and shifts I’ve ever had […] Keep reading

Leticia Ringe
Business Coach + Podcaster