Hey, I’m Sammie.  

Welcome to my online home. I’m so happy you are here.

I’m all about reconnecting women to their feminine power, intuition, magical cyclic ways and remembering how freakin’ amazing it feels to live with calm, ease and flow.  

When I look back, my whole life has been leading me here.  I’ve always had a fascination with personal development and love nothing more than talking to people about how they feel.  

I’ve been drawn to spirituality since, well, forever and a huge part of my childhood was spent reading hundreds upon hundreds of books – I would literally read anything I could get my hands on. I was drawn to shops with windows filled with crystals. I was taught visualisation and conscious positive thinking at a young age. The walls of my teenage bedroom were adorned with affirmations, and I began scouring the self-development book section at a ridiculously young age.

At university I studied a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Creative Industries.  I loved it, and made some of my best friends on earth, and yet for most of those years I knew deep down that it wasn’t what I was here to do.  Perhaps you know that feeling too?

Then, I hit what I affectionately call ‘The Quarter Life Crisis.’ I spent the next few years seeking happiness from outside of myself.  I craved to feel inspired about my days ahead. I wanted to feel like I was authentically myself, my true self, all of the time.

I was propelled into a period of intense questioning: Who am I?  What do I really want? How can I treat myself in a kinder way? How can I infuse more love in to my life? How can I tap into that pure, joyful truth that I know is inside of me? How can I step into my power?  How can I live with more ease, more flow?

At this point I dove headfirst into a life of ‘healing’, self-development and that all-important inner searching.  I spent thousands of hours in yoga studios and a month studying in an ashram at the foot of the Himalayas. I went to a wild amount of workshops, learnt the art of reiki amongst the Australian forest, and delved into all forms of learning (and of course that continues!).

I then went on to study life coaching, which turned my world around in ALL the best ways.  

It allowed me to step into something I have wanted for years - to guide women into easeful, love-filled, in flow and in power, beyond-their-wildest-dreams lives.  

I’d found my sweet spot, it felt like home.

I’m a girl of many contradictions.  I try to meditate every day and love sexy RNB.  I cleanse my chakras and get my nails done. I try to speak only with kindness, and swear a lot.

I’m here, living my purpose.  Coaching women who are powerful and influential, who are ready to shift away from overwhelm and slow down into the deliciousness of ease and calm.  Who are ready to live in flow, guided by their intuition and their innate cyclic rhythms.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, I currently spend my days coaching amazing women all over the world through the magic of the internet.  Alongside that I hold sacred circles throughout the world and train new life coaches alongside a dream posse at the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy.  


Thinking about becoming a life coach yourself?  Send me an email and we can talk further about the course that changed my life - I am honoured to be an affiliate of this course and offer a completely free three month coaching series if you sign up through my special link. 

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