Hello! I’m Sammie – welcome to my online home. I’m so happy you are here. 

I am a life coach, workshop and women's circle facilitator and Reiki practitioner.

I’m love nothing more than guiding people who are feeling a little lost, who are feeling stuck, stressed or overwhelmed, into a life of calm, ease, connection and clarity.  Into a space where they can feel the love they deserve. 

I believe in freedom, in love, and in giving ourselves the space we need to return home to who we really are. I believe in radical kindness (always) and that life really is our mirror. I believe in the power of grace and flow.

A hopeless romantic, I strive to live a life of blissful balance, on my own terms – and continually question what that really means to me.  I’m driven to create connections that are uplifting, and I can’t wait to share that with you. I want to see you shine, and I want you to see the remarkable beauty that exists in you.

Are you wondering why you don’t have it all figured out by now?  Are you constantly criticising yourself for not having ‘the perfect life’ that you thought you would by now?  Do you find yourself making decisions based on others expectations, trying desperately to find happiness and validation outside of yourself?  

I think you know how much happier you could be if you treated yourself kindly, and made choices from a place of love.  

I want to help you realise you are enough.  I want to help you understand that your own approval is all you really need - that you don’t need to wait for someone else’s validation.

Together, we just need to breathe life into that confidence that already exists within you. Let's shift from seeking acceptance, to generating love. I want you to feel calm, and to feel blissful.  I want your heart to be bursting with gratitude and true connection. And I want you to be clear on your purpose, every day. 



So, how did I get here?

I have always felt a call within myself to do something with people, delving into emotions and spirituality and lifting them higher. But what exactly that was remained unclear to me for a very long time. A huge part of my childhood was spent with my nose in a book – I would literally read anything I could get my hands on. I was drawn to gypsy fairs and shops with windows filled with crystals. I was taught visualisation and conscious positive thinking at a young age. The walls of my teenage bedroom were adorned with affirmations, and I began scouring the self-development book section as soon as I was old enough to shop on my own.

Once, when staying with my auntie, I chose to bring a crystal to her as a thank-you gift. To me, it just seemed much more appropriate than, say, a salad? 

At university I studied a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Creative Industries.  I loved it, and made some of my best friends on earth, and yet for most of those years I knew deep down that it wasn’t what I was here to do. 

Then, I hit what some may affectionately call ‘The Quarter Life Crisis.’ I spent the next few years seeking happiness from outside of myself – long nights of pill-popping party time, surrounded by so many people… But not a lot of true friends. 

I began to notice that some of the people around me had this unwavering faith in their own lives, and were loving what they did.  They were waking up each morning bursting with excitement for the new day. I looked at myself and saw a bleary-eyed, lack-lustre young woman, spending giant nights out partying, and dreading the long days at work that followed.

I wanted what they had. I wanted to feel real anticipation about my days ahead. I wanted to feel like I was authentically myself, the true me, all of the time.

It was around this time that I discovered yoga.  Beginning this practice - it was as if instantly I saw clearly, and all things I had been missing had brought to the light. I could feel that things were about to change.



The beautiful and powerful practice of yoga propelled me into a period of intense questioning: Who am I?  What do I really want?  How can I treat myself in a kinder way? How can I infuse more love in to my life? How can I tap into that pure, joyful truth that I know is inside of me? 

At this point I started to take some pretty juicy action. I decided I wasn’t interested in working a full-time 9 to 5 job, so I stopped. And I haven’t since. I dove headfirst into a life of ‘healing’, self-development and inner searching.  I spent thousands of hours in yoga studios, and spent a month studying in an ashram at the foot of the Himalayas. I learnt the beginnings of the gorgeous art of reiki amongst the Australian forest, and I began creating aromatherapy potions.  

And through it all, while walking the cow-crammed streets of India, while meditating and exploring nature, you know what I realised? That I am enough as I am.  That we are ALL enough as we are.  That all this ‘work’ to find myself was not something that needed to happen externally, it was about coming back home to the real me, inside. 

I started listening to my body (after years of being a boozy, baguette-loving fiend) and got rid of the stuff that didn’t make me feel amazing.  Well, mostly.  Human!  I became particular with the people I chose to spend time with, and where I spent my energy.

I then went on to study in the most incredible and transformational course a girl could ask for.  This was a true life-changer, and something I will be eternally grateful for.

I am blessed beyond words and worlds to have people in my life who have believed in me. And now I would absolutely love to be one of your people to believe in you.

That real belief allowed me to step up, and into, something I have wanted for years: to guide sweet, sweet women into juicy, love-filled, beyond-their-wildest-dreams lives.

And now?

I feel like ME!  Like I’ve come home to myself.

I’m a girl of many contradictions.  I try to meditate daily and love sexy RNB.  I cleanse my chakras and get my nails done.  I try to speak only with kindness, and swear a lot.

I’m here, living on purpose. My own purpose.  Living with intention and a desire to always be in a state of flow.  

I’m here to hold the space for people like you, to guide you through times of confusion and transition, and to help you come out the other side with bright eyes, into a space of calm, of ease, of connection and of LOVE.

Are you interested in working with me?  Click HERE

These days my life looks like:
Most days are spent working from my home office coaching amazing women - like you!  
I also spend a couple of days a week out under the trees in Daylesford - a beautiful little spa town just out of Melbourne - life coaching and running workshops at a wellness retreat.  
Alongside that I train new life coaches alongside a dream-posse at Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy.


Want to know a little more?

Here’s a few random things about me:

  • I have travelled to many incredible places.  From the pyramids of Egypt to the jungles of Borneo and the beaches of Portugal.  I’m always up for an adventure!
  • Beyonce is my religion.  Queen!
  • I'll never remember what you were wearing, but I'll always remember how you were feeling.
  • I grew up in small town NZ, with a childhood full of days playing at the lake in summer and making snowmen at the mountains in winter.
  • I drink ridiculous amounts of herbal tea.  We’re talking 5-6 cups a day.
  • I feel most at peace when I am near the ocean and can’t wait to live close to the sea again someday soon.


Thinking about becoming a life coach yourself?  Send me an email and we can talk further about the course that changed my life - I am honoured to be an affiliate of this course and offer a completely free three month coaching series if you sign up through my special link. 

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